Tron: Legacy coming out 2010

Holy fuck they kept this under wraps. Flynn!!!


I was never a fan of the movie, but the character (last name is Bonne) I like a lot.

i expected a sequal after the hype of the video game.

I am a huge fan, movie was epic when I was a kid. Reading this, I wasn’t really that excited until the Flynn part. I hope they do the original justice.

They need to get that original out on Blu-ray!

Edit thread curse word. O.O

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Holy Guacamole?
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Holy Moly?
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Holy Macaroni?
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(The word “Batman” could also be added at the end of any of these.)

Dinsey always has something going on. Toy Story 3 FTW.

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So we can cuss in thread but not in title? Never knew that, is crap ok?

I wonder how Bridges never got leaked being in it until actual footage?

u could always swear in threads their was just a temp ban.

Goddamn, no originality in Hollywood I swear.

Tron was awesome when I was 2 or whatever, but fuck, does every movie producer have to dig up every last property from the 80s?

I heard they’re remaking Red Sonia (80s flick, girl version of Conan if you didn’t know). Then Robocop, then GIJOE… this shit’s gotta stop.

Yeah I will agree on Hollywood digging up properties to hell, but some sound interesting. I have bias towards Tron and they have been talking sequel for a few years now, hyped. G.I. Joe looks gay, that new Red Sonia sounds shitty, but Robocop is being directed by Aronofsky, and that makes it a project to watch for me.

If I can’t watch good new properties, then I definitely prefer sequels over re-makes of movies that don’t need to be re-made.

Also, Red Sonia sucked, why would they re-make that?

TR2N is like the most retarded way they could have possibly named this movie. A 2 likes nothing at all like a O.

^^ haha yeah. Because I’m totally going to watch “ter-toon”.

barbarella sucked too…and guess what that crazy mexican robert rodriguez is trying to make a remake.

There was a crappy camera version from far away leaked to youtube. They took it down but someone saved it first.
The quality sucks ass, but you get an idea of what’s going on.

boatloads of CG, with rehashed unoriginal plot, ermm I’ma pass

What is the plot?

God damned not only are you a pedophile you can’t remember shit about that movie. I bet if the MCP was an 8 year old in a bikini you would remember that shit.

End of line.

While I agree Hollywood lacks originality (or maybe what’s original just sucks nowadays), I see nothing wrong with a Gi Joe flick, and a sequel to Tron (which they have been trying to produce since the late 90’s now).

You don’t have to watch them, sir Taito, but I can at least understand what you’re saying.

You’re just gonna have to live with the fact that hot properties, old and new, are gonna be made into a film. It’s always been like this. Will never change, no matter how much you want it to.

I’m not sure why you showed your thread that was posted after mine, other than you want to join forces against the haters? I’m down, the hate is already strong against a new Tron, sadly.

Combine threads, combine forces, fight the hate? Fuck it, I don’t give a shit, I’m hyped!