Tron Movie Thread

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The movie comes out TODAY, who here has seen it or is going to see it? I’m heading to the local theater today to catch it with some friends. We all barely remember the first, but it looks like a decent syfy movie.

Saw the midnight showing IMAX 3D!!! Visually outstanding. Im prolly biased because Tron was the first video game I ever played on this old ass system called Intellivision. Fast foward going from The first Tron movie which I loved…this one is like whoa!!!

And dont get me started on Daft Punk’s Score/Soundtrack=Classic. Every scene is outfitted with dope ass music.
Im gonna check it out again.

I give it a 8.7/10 I might be biased but I like Tron and I was very much entertained!!

I’m taking my wife to see it tonight, but she’s never seen the first movie. Will she be lost completely or is there enough setup so that Tron-newbs will enjoy Tron: Legacy?

You’re not trying hard enough:

Not @ all, they will give you what you need to know about the first movie.