Tron Notes



I was working on some new angles to attack from using trons sj airdash cancel

normally if u delay ur attack after airdashing with tron, you move at a df angle and you fall right into your opponents counter.

instead of delaying your attack, immediately attack with lp after her airdash, this will force her to stay in place and barely fall towards the ground.

if you do this multiple times in a row(sj airdash cancel lp, immediate airdash cancel lp XX repeat), she can do a bunch of attacks while falling. Either more hits or a better read on which normal to use.

she also has a rarely used rushdown string

dash in,cmp, wait for 2nd ring to hitXXkobun(3rd ring hits as kobun falls)

that one gives u a little more stun than her

  • her instant overhead is jumping lk(2hits if u time it right)

she’s hard to use but pretty good:annoy:


Does tron have a normal you can SJC even if its blocked (ala Doom or Son-son)? If she gets that she’s top tier. MAybe d.HK or HK rock?


yea, iirc its her flame move. or w\e the hell it is.


no shit, huh? thats rad. tight tight timing like doom?


I dont think she can sjc if she is blocked.

she can do a combo like this tho

c.lp,, c.lp(otg), them up) SJC instant airdash lk,mk fp. This leaves you in a good position to attack them again on wakeup.

She’s not nearly as bad as everyone plays her.

maybe like 3 serious tron users on the planet:rofl:


oops, thats my bad eczangief. I didn’t read the part where you said, if blocked. I think she only has SJC on hit.

iirc, you have to cancel out d.rh with doom before it comes out so you’re never truly blocking it to begin with but you can cause blockstun before you attempt it like, c.rh SJC. You can just SJC it before the move fully animates.


hey can you mash out of trons qcf+lp, gun stun move?

i have a combo i like to use,, c.lp+storm-a, cancel into lp gun on 3rd hit of punch,

gun will hit at the end of typhoons,

after stun, wave dash them into corner, j.hp, s.lp,, drillxxlunch rush


^^ no problem.

I worded that Doom thing wrong, but ya I’ve been working that set-up into my game. It gets fuckin supreme. Now if Tron had that phantom hit SJC I’d run 2/3 Team Z with any random character…

edit: haha woops, tie-breaker

this bit is at shoultz, not left shoe


i’m sure most of you know but if not.

don’t dhc tron in if their assist is out there. point character can rush you down for free.


? To which DHC in what scenario are you having trouble with?


some random tron stuff I found:

-Solo King Kobun combo:
c.lp, c.lp xx king kobun. Make sure you cancel as soon as the 2nd ring hits or just right before it.

As a follow up, you can do…
…dash > throw > follow up
…(if they low block), walk forward xx sj xx ad lk, fk, land, s.lp, s.lp, drill > lunch rush.

The move is also safe on block and you can still do the follow above options.

-in the corner: throw, King Kobun.
Its character dependent. Doom size and smaller. The super is unrollable and sets up for 2 nice follow-ups…
…walk forward throw
…sj xx ad forward lk, fk…

She also has some funky after throw options that are character dependent.
…throw into corner, dash in (juggle), s.lp xx sj xx ad forward lk (overhead), fk, land, s.lp, s.lp, fk drill xx lunch rush
…throw into corner, dash in s.lp (switch sides with opponent), sj xx ad forward, fp (crossup), land, s.lp, s.lp, fk drill xx lunch rush
…throw into corner, DP LP, pause, throw > follow up. or sj xx ad forward lk, fk, land, s.lp, s.lp, fk drill > lunch rush
…throw into corner, launch, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk, fk, right before you land, lk drill. land, tick throw > follow up

-Trons s.lp is quick, has good range, and has good recovery speed.
-if it hits, i follow up with another s.lp > lunch rush or if im in the corner, s.lp > drill > lunch rush.
-it its blocked, as soon as the move ends I can
…sj xx ad forward lk, fk over head, land, follow up.
…TK lk drill, then
: s.lp (hit confirm) follow up
: tick throw into corner if im close enough
: s.lp + sent ground, tk drill, drones hit > follow up…


one more time? lol good stuff though.