Tron vs. the Big Four

These are some basic strats. I admit that Tron is at a disadvantage in these fights… but who says that someone at a disadvantage can’t win?

First off, the most important thing to get versus these characters is (ugh) practice. Yes, my friends, you will have to get your ass kicked a couple of times before anything really starts to work itself out. Unfortunately, because I have no insane Magneto players to play against, and I tend to fight storm with other people, I’m gonna leave it up to you guys to get those strats down.

vs. Sentinel

Yay! The Robot grudge match! At first glance, Tron would seem to have a distinct disadvantage: she has two projectiles: The Kobun launch, and the Shikidan Gun. The Kobun launch is somewhat slow (though a good anti-air), and Sentinel can easily out range it. The Shikidan gun is vicious, but good luck catching him… your best hope to do that is to catch him off guard during fly mode… or connect with an anti-air assist as your kobun strike hits. Either way, this strat isn’t very good.

Sentinel has four projectiles, a mouth-beam (fast, long range, combo starter), Rocket Punch (fast, long range, combo starter, damaging, but vulnerable), and both forms of his drones (lots more drones than Kobun, best for stuffing attacks, or pinning… not actually openers for his other hits.)

Nope! Tron does not do well at range versus this guy… which is why he will desperately want to keep you there. So, the first essential in fighting Sentinel is to be able to approach him. For this reason, it is extremely important where you and he are on the screen…

Grounded Sentinel, In The Corner:

If Sentinel is in the corner, approaching him is no problem. Super jumping can carry you to him even without Tron’s Bonne Strike or air dash… with those two, it’s almost impossible for him to avoid you. It is, however, quite possible for him to try to hit you with an anti-air assist, or coax you into landing on drones. Because of this, and because you don’t necessarily want him to know when you’re going to strike, you want to mix him up. Air dash at the top of the jump, drop straight down about half the screen, and LK dash the rest of the way. Then, hit with the LK jump in if he’s blocking or whiffed an assist… the HP jump-in if he tried to cross you, or the lp or hp jump-in if he tried to meet you in the air. Any of these can be cancelled into a drill in the air… and all of these can combo straight into a Lunch Rush if landed correctly.

You can also simply HK Drill and fall, or air dash at the last second to try to cross him… or just super jump. He won’t know when you’ll land, so he’ll have a tough time countering you.

In addition, Sentinel’s head is just a little bit higher than any of his moves’ range… if you tiger-knee-drill at it, you can connect with chip, block on the way down, and then combo him. Be wary, though… a good Sentinel can call out either of his supers and connect with them if you get predictable.

Once you get in close, do not let him breathe. Hammer him with assists, cover with the aerial drill, aerial saw, HP, or mp, or land and use the lp into s. mp or s. lk. Continuously play your best high low game, and try to get the Lunch Rush. Note, however… if you whiff a lunch rush, you’re probably dead… so be careful, too.

Ironically, I have whiffed Lunch Rushes doing this and survived… Sentinel was so focused on getting away, getting over, and getting some distance between us that he just jumped over me, and completely missed his chance.

You can also play a chipping game with him… mash an aerial drill at knee level, drop, lp, mp, HK drill, King Kobun. If you call it right, he’ll have an incredibly tough time escaping… and you’ll deal an insane amount of chip, recovering fast enough to hit him again as soon as the super ends. It’s almost a meter dependent Chip infinite, except that King Kobun is escapable.

Be careful calling King Kobun in the Corner, though… it’s possible for the Lego Man to walk off screen. And that’s just not fun. Time it right, and it won’t happen.

Grounded Sentinel, mid-screen

This match starts out almost like the one before, with a few distinct differences. You’ll both probably start at distance, since Sentinel on the ground loves distance. Once you start to approach, it’s harder for the anti-air to connect, but it’s also harder to place yourself perfectly before you land. If you super jump, you can do the fun thing and cross him up anywhere from one to four times using the HK drill, so he has no idea where you’re coming from. Get in close while he’s confused, and don’t let up.

Also… you can cross him up more readily with moves like the Jumping HP… which is a free Lunch Rush if you connect. And, if you hit with a jump- in lk xx HK, you can start either a lunch rush combo, an air combo, or use another s.HK to knock Sentinel to the wall, and a Bonne Strike to follow him. Timed right, it will connect before he lands.

You can also use assists to cross him up at mid-range, if you get the chance.

Grounded Sentinel, Agressive

If Sentinel really wants to fight you close range on the ground, oblige him. Be careful, since someone who’s good at his ground combos can hurt you… but overall, I’d say that Tron can take him on the ground, move to move. Most people tend to play Sentinel at range, unless you’re already helpless in close… so they don’t even think of attacking on the ground.

And if you do block, 9 times out of 10, he takes to the air afterward.

Aerial Sentinel, Evasive

Get distance, tag with drill. Get in close, tag with jumping lp or lk. Get to mid-range, tag with the jumping HP. Get below, and tag with an assist. Or, for fun, try your darndest to hit him with that Shikidan gun… If you do, you can either jump up and hit him with your HP, or laugh maniaclly while two Servbots frantically hump his leg.

Aerial Sentinel, Agressive

This is Sentinel’s best bet against my Tron… he’s faster than she is in the air, and getting above him from below him is a pain. If you have an anti-air assist, it’s easy to connect with… on his way down, catch him and hurt him. Blocking is a pain against this strategy, but it’s absolutely necesity… if you fail to block well, Tron will die.

There are only a few ways to deal with this… get above or beside him and tag him with the HP, lk, lp or Bonne Strike… or Bonne Strike to the other side of the screen and try and take him on from there. Bonne Striking is less dangerous than dashing… but is hard to do, especially if he’s hitting you with a flurry of light kicks. If he calls the HP, it’s a window of opportunity to counter. Again, be careful here.

If you’re below him, it is possible that you could time a Kobun Launch correctly, but even more possible that he will just kick your upraised arm. It is also possible that the Mad Vertical Reach of Tron’s launcher will hit him… but her lag on that move is nothing short of ridiculous. If you can normal dash under him, it is quite possible to hit with a standing HK. I don’t, however, know anywhere to go from there. Be careful dashing under Sentinel. If you do Bonne Strike to the other side of the screen… don’t let him get the chance to do a long range pin. Go right back at him, and don’t let up.

You might be able to get him with the King Kobun, since it forms even if Tron gets interrupted… but if he flies past it, well… Bad things happen. If he Un-flies and blocks the hit… I may be wrong, but I think it opens up the opportunity to guard break.

Anyhow, that’s all on this particular match up… More later, if people are interested. Feel free to correct me, tell me I’m full of… well, let’s not test the censorship programs… or add your own strats. Good luck to all of you Tron players out there… I hope this is helpful.

Tron Jon

ok some good stuff vs. Sent

BTW My team is Tron(Proj)/Sent(Ground)/Doom(Rocks) or Cammy(AAA)

vs. Flying Sent
alright, this is a good match for Tron. Tron can knock him down with a sj. Fp or Rk. She can also go for an SK Bonne Strike. And, if you have the distance, use the Kobun Launcher.

vs. Ground Sent
Fun :slight_smile: Cross up and cross up often with Fp/rocks or drones. Go for jumping Kobun Strikes from close range. Also, do kobun launches to keep him from jumping.

Important technique:
Jp KobunLauncherxxKing Kobun

Kinda loses chip, but prevents them from jumping away.

Also, note that if you need an instant DHC, KingKobunxxwhatever is pretty fast.

I’m sorry but I’ve gotta go somewhere so if you need something feel free to ask :slight_smile:


Vs. Cable

Fuck this guy lol. He destroys low tiers for absolutely free (rouge and OR). Tron can win against him, but you have to be willing to take some chip damage and take some risk.

Risk that I am talking about are TK drills, HP servebot copter, and capture gun. You need to trap cable as much as you can with these.

I had alot of sucess using TK HK drills, but I play cable also, and know it is punishable. Tk drills are really good against Cable. Use them, but don’t be repetitive. Your goal is to get cable into the corner, and drill is pretty good at doing that.

HP Servebot copter is good for chip and to knock down Cable after a failed AHVB. Only use it when Cable is in the air because you can risk getting hit by AHVB.

Capture gun is very rare to hit. And it has lag, but you can easily push Cable back and it is whoreable when Cable doesn’t have meter. Usually when Cable doesn’t have meter he super jumps and uses grenade. so use HP capture. Their is some mindfuck you can do for her. lp, lp xx hp capture gun. On hit or on block this is good because Cable jumps.

When you get him to the corner, use HP grab. If you seen this: [media=youtube]9Oazp23Q5SQ[/media] you will know what Tron can do in the corner. Paired with Juggernaut, it is too good. You have to kill him in 1 hit. Reset till the cows come home. SJC resets are awesome.

Vs. Magneto

First off, DON’T BE SCARED!! If you are scared, you will lose this match-up. Expect to get raped if you are scared. This is Tron’s easiest match-ups compared to the other Gods. Tron can out prioritize Magneto.

j. rh is damn good. it out prioritizes Magneto’s fierces (with the exception of his d+fierce launcher). Whore it when you need it.

Defensive Tron: Servebot copters are really good against him. There is very little lag with the servebot copter, so you are safe from magneto on block. Try not to whiff it. RH is pretty good to stuff Magneto rushing in. It is also a pretty decent anti-air and can be canceled into a KK (king kobun, or Servebot King, or qcb+pp) for 40%. I wouldn’t use capture gun unless you are truly good at mind fucking somebody.

Offensive Tron: Again, don’t be scared, face Magneto upfront and Magneto will be scared of you. Mixup Mindfuck is how you will like to play (basically you pressure then either cross him up or throw in a HP throw). When you feel that magneto is going to counter tri-jump you, use TK Drill to stuff any, I mean ANY of his moves. I have never gotten stuffed by a magneto when I used Drill. Whore it. Also, use it to get close.

This match-up is in Magneto’s favor, but this match-up is also mostly psycological.

Vs. Storm

Again, DON’T BE SCARED!!! This match is less psychological than Magneto, but it is winnable even with Storm out prioritizing Tron’s moves. I swear this is Tron’s HARDEST match-up because of Tron’s difficulty to adapt to Storm’s meta-game (adaption game).

Defensive: st. hk is still good it is a solid anti-air and it stops storm from rushing. Servebot copter is gdlk against a tri-jumping Storm. Partnered with an AAA, it is scary.

Offensive: When Storm runs, be patient. I like to have a set plan for every Storm/AAA.

Storm/Psylocke- I like super jumping. When you are in the air and Storm is on the ground, start blocking because of hail. When you are closer to the ground, block because of Psylocke’s AAA. Do not punish the assist. Only do j. hk on it if you really want to hit psylocke. I recommend using Doom with her to chip and prevent that bitch psylocke from doing something fucked up. If you punish psylocke, look out for typhoon xxx hail. jump hk drill is your friend when she does that. If you are both aerial, drill. It will either beat or trade with Storm’s fierces.

Storm/Capcom- don’t jump. You will be pushed back all the time. Also, I have stuff Capcom’s assist before with drill, only on the ground. TK drill doesn’t work for me. So I would definately have doom on the side to beat out Capcom’s assist. Storm/Capcom is very turtle like to me. So use DDD (Drill Doom Drill) so you wont have to eat a Bnb from storm (40%?)

Storm/Cyclops- REALLY HARD TO ME! In fact, all that i know is that dropping blockstrings and baiting out Cyclops worked for me. So try that. I’ll figure out something…

I find when I’m Cable, I want to stay on the same level as Tron. Use grenades or gunshots to keep her grounded and far away, and then sj VB or TK VB to just eat away at her, giving her little chance to get in. If she can’t get in, she’s done. If she gets a clean SJ to drill or dash towards my vertical position, I jump back or dash forward to reset that distance. It’s a pretty horrible fight normally, and it gets worse if Cable has a useful assist. TK drill works as long he can’t reliably TK stuff himself, or use scimitar to knock you away.

Well, true. The Cable I play are ok, to garbage, to DRE0101 bad lol. usually they super jump, so I use TK drill to get close. Against good Cable, idk if this would work, because I know that TK Drill can easily be AHVB and usually they are not going to fail AHVB like DRE0101 (I have a hatred with this guy. Super scrub and ragequits). I have had experiences when I beat assist with Drills. Maybe its only online play, but I have beat assist before. Can you test it? I need to make sure.

I would also like a Tron vs. Tron battle. My Tron isn’t good, but I haven’t fought a good tron yet. I’m probably going to be squashed and teabagged lol.

I’ve been playing this matchup some more (more people are picking Tron, so I’ve been on the Cable end of it). I swear Tron against Cable is the saddest fight for her in the entire world if the Cable knows what he’s doing.

Gunshot, grenade, jump back beam… sigh. If you can’t bait Cable into doing something stupid, it’s just slow death.

Played a good cable yesterday… :frowning:

Sad fight. Servebot copter only works if they suck. But TK drill is really good. watch out for Capcom. Ground drill stuffs Capcoms assist but prepared to be AHVB’ed… sigh So yeah need some more Cable practice…