Tron-Y actual "projectile" alternate version of Marvel?

I heard a long time ago that there was an alternate version of MvC2 wherein at least Tron-Y was one of her Kobun guns (actual projectile) as opposed to her rings.

Has anybody played or seen this? I would really like to get a copy if possible, but I’m not even 100% sure what I’m looking for yet. I think this is some European version, but that’s just a guess on my part.

throw, rings, flame… that’s her three assists. i’ve never seen anything but those.

what you heard is so untrue.

I remember hearing something very similar a while ago as well, except it was either a Fierce Kobun Launce or a Short Bonne Strike. I can’t quite remember but I think it was a very late re-release of the PS2 (Maybe XBox) version. It was definitely from somewhere in Europe (In the original explanation it was, anyways), I don’t know why but I think it was either from Germany or maybe it was just a plain PAL release.

However, I’ve only heard (read) the story a handful of times and only trolls agree with whoever is telling it, so it’s seeming like it’s just an urban legend. However, I know there are different versions of the game where minor things are changed like Doom’s snapout. You never know (Until someone confirms, that is).

I know there was a combo video a while ago, that LOOKED like (i think one of the Mike Z videos), tron comes out with that assist, and that’s what i thought for a long time, but alas, it wasn’t.

hm, is there any vids of this? dont think ive ever seen or heard about it. it’d be cool to have that version though :cool:

Wheat Toast, doom’s snapout is different in different versions? how is it different and which country version has it?

I’ve never seen a video of it, just rumors. :sad:

In most current versions it’s or maybe s.hp (I play Doom and I don’t even know, looks like I need to start snapping out more often). In a few non-standard releases, and early arcade releases it was

I’ll fix this later if I find out I’m wrong. I think I mixed it up a little.

iirc, wasn’t there a beta arcade version of marvel? i heard people drop a hint of it here or there and even saying that characters had different moves.

I played a weird arcade version of Marvel to start with, but Tron’s assists were the same. The only big difference I noticed was that instead of launching someone into spinfall, DHCing out of the POW left the enemy invisible on the ground for x seconds.

Honestly, even with damage correction, Tron’s projectile would be a great assist and probably outdo the the Kobun launch. What would work better than that would be to replace her flame anti-air with the HP or LP Kobun

Yeah, if they’re actually is an alternate version of the game that delta would potentially expose some interesting data about the game. Hence my interest. :smile: I like Tron because she’s Tron, but A and B assists suck. If she actually had a usable alternate assist, that’d be interesting to play with.