Tron Zoning?

So I play a Tron/Hsien-ko/Taskmaster team for UMVC3, and when it comes to Tron, I think most players have a tendency to try and rush in with air H or air S since those are more or less her best options. But in my experience, this gets me in trouble more. If your opponent blocks everything, then it’s for naught, and they go for air throws.

Depending on the characters you’re facing, I think it makes more sense for Tron to take a more defensive approach, especially against other character who need to get in your face (Haggar, Wolverine, Hulk, etc.) When it comes to characters with strong zoning games (Hawkeye, Magneto, Doom, etc), it’s rather foolish to try and outzone them unless you have good assists to back her up. But in those cases, I’d think having good assist to help her get in would be best there.

So lately, I’ve been having more success when I incorporate Tron’s Beacon Bombs into her arsenal. After creating some distance, you can use Beacon Bomb along with any good projectile assist to play an interesting zoning game. If it’s effective, you’ll most likely frustrate your opponent into rushing in (maybe trying to super jump and attack from above), then you pop them with an anti-air beacon bomb. I’ve seen this work a lot against Haggar and Wolverine, and occasionally Sentinel.

Characters like Hulk and Cap aren’t quite as scary either. Hulk is scarier up close, so creating distance is key. If you manage to frustrate them enough into landing into Beacon Bomb, then it’s a free combo. As for Cap, most (if not all) are always trying to fish with Shield Slash. Because of this, I find it necessary to back up and fish a little with Beacon Bomb as well. Many times you might catch them in the air from fishing with Shield Slash, and free combo.

Just wanted to get some input on this. If you have projectile assists with Tron, throwing in a Beacon Bomb every now and then can catch opponents off guard. I’m not putting it up telling Tron players that you should do this, since everyone plays differently, but I thought I’d offer it up since I’ve been having more success in games when I use this and maybe it could help other players at least get some ideas for using Beacon Bomb in their gameplay.

I definitely agree. Incorporating Tron’s rather decent zoning game makes a lot of matchups a lot easier.

I think it’s somewhat of a coincidence I posted this up since I got to see you playing in that tourney today! I was taking notes.

lol, did you remember to follow the stream? Im sure RXS would love that. :3

Eh…I did not… -_-

Is there a link I could go to…?

Im usually on that stream on Wednesday or whenever there is a tourney.

Okay done.

Thanks for sharin’ this, I’ve always been wonderin’ how I should use Beacon Bomb so now I have more of a general idea. I like seeing people who are “different”.

Okay, so reading this thread I decided to try it out. I run Tron/Haggar/Doom (missiles) so if I want to I sit back, call missiles and throw a boulder, then do some qcf+m or dp+h or +m depending on what’s going on. It works to some extent, so much so that I’d actually try to do it a lot if I have the life lead. The problem with this is if you get predictable or mistime it you can get happy birthday’d easily… but that’s the case for anything with patterning your assists

Anyway, about Hulk and Cap. They have that gamma charge/rape you thing and charging star/hyper charging star and that kinda shuts these shenanigans down. he’s got that armor and it comes in fast, cap’s is just invincible I think… As far as fishing for shield slashes with cap, I find if you’re at a further distance you can box jump j.S his downward slash from the air, and if youre close, challenge/meet him with anti air j.MS and it usually works well.

oh, and what are your opinions on qcf+L vs qcf+M? both are pretty much the same move except i feel qcf+L’s range isn’t good enough for this kind of zoning. how are you guys using boulder and dp+atk?

Beacon Bomb L has less range than Beacon Bomb M but has a faster start up, so they both should be used from certain distances. I ain’t sure what assist you chose for Haggar but is it keepin’ Tron’s zonin’ game effectively? that’s somethin’ to consider to because if you mostly use Hidden Missiles then the opponent will try to happy birthday Doom and if Doom dies your Zonin’ is over. As for the boulder, it can nullify projectiles. I haven’t been using the Sevrbot Launcher so idk lol, I’m still workin’ on givin’ it a purpose. My Tron style is Rushdown Mix Ups with Doom n’ Wright so that’s all the help I can give aha :3

I use Lariat (haggar has other assists?) and it could work as a ‘get off me’ assist/anti air if they start to close the distance. I use servbot launch if they try to super jump and come down, dp+m has pretty good active frames and covers a little wall in front of Tron.

Ahh I see~ thanks for the tip yo.

I can understand the Gamma Charge/Charging Star thing, though if it’s from like full screen those shenanigans aren’t really effective. I’m sure if they were to charge from further away and you toss out a beacon bomb, they would get caught, that is unless they cancel to a hyper. If you had the meter, I guess you could punish Charging Star with lvl 3 grab. Gamma Tsunami would probably get through. Though with the full-screen game, if you have some projectiles to back up Tron’s Beacon Bomb (like I use Taskmaster), they might decided to take to the air and try to come at you like that. Then you could toss out a H beacon bomb and catch them if they come down swinging. Again, I’ve mainly been getting that with Haggar, Wolverine, Sentinel…

As for boulder, I don’t use it all that much with Tron on point. I wouldn’t say it’s very effective with zoning since its doesn’t cover that great a distance. I’ve only used Servebot Launcher when another opponent is coming in, but I’m still trying to find better methods.

Anti-air M S is certainly a better option than trying to rush in with air dash S. Get caught by that shield most of the time even if he doesn’t get a combo off it.

With Haggar assist, if you do manage to get the opponent caught in it, it might not be a bad idea to try and toss in a quick L beacon bomb then continue whatever combo.

Which assist do you use for Wright? I feel Tron is pretty predictable in her offense, mainly going for Air H or S which will hit high. If you’re using Wright’s Get 'Em Missile Assist, you can get some unblockable set-ups. Problem is that with Missile assist is that Wright is like a sitting duck for a while. I think one good use for this is to have your opponent in block stun when you call Wright, and at the right time use Gustaff Fire which is jump cancelable. From there you have Missile hit low, and then Tron hit high with jump S. I’m not sure if you can get a combo off it, probably so long as Missile hits first. It might be tricky timing though. :stuck_out_tongue:

I use Wright’s Press the Witness for 2 reasons: 1. To apply pressure in a corner to safely continue my Rushdown Mix Up game n’ 2. For j.H (or another move) Cross Ups. And actually I use j.L, c.L and M for my offence, My style prefers these since they hit multiple times while Doom Missiles come out and can “hold” them until all the Missiles hit then start a combo off that. So basically it’s a c.L + M High-Low Mix Up game (which gets obvious but I’m still workin’ on improvin’ it lol).
Y’all post gave me some tips on improvin’ my Tron to :3 btw I prefer j.L as a jump in move because it’s way safer than j.S n’ j.H. Imma’ experiment with Wright’s Missile assist later.