Tron's combo's and team-up's

guy’s i lately play Tron and i kindi find it very usefull can you give me some combos and strategy where he’s at or where’s good at…? i useually mix it up with mag/cable/tron or cable/dr.doom/tron can you guy’s give me some combos on Tron. and you team-up’s plsss:rolleyes: :slight_smile:

Well, I play Mags - A / Sent - Y / Tron - Y

Very strong team, just really lacking an AAA, but tron’s power as an assist makes her more than worth it.

As a new user of Tron, i’m guessing, i strongly suggest you get into the practice of NOT spamming her. She has pretty bad range and is meant to punish assists. If someone is calling cable left and right, let them do it. Wait for Cable to land, call tron and Do a Tempest. This way, as long as they’re not Cable or Storm, you’re pretty damn safe, cuz Tempest pieces create hit/blockstun quick enough to save you from HSF. This REALLY punishes an assist. Or if you feel unsafe by doing a random tempest like that in hopes of beating up the assist. Just call Tron out and ad d/f

This tactic gives you lots of options that you can do upon reaction depending on the situation. Air dash up and away, not attacking, crossing up, going for infinites, etc… it just really leaves the door open.

ON point I strongly suggest you have a good ground covering assist,much like Sent - Y. These types of assists will aide in tron’s chip game and her crossup game. You can kinda try a “hit them from both sides” tactic w/ her j.hp. Call your ground assist, manual sj into lk drill, as falling either hit HP or airdash to other side and then hit HP. It’s all a nice mixup game w/ her. And don’t abuse the drill, it becomes predictable and you will get owned.

Also, USE her dragon punch moves. Kobun Shots. They zone very well and cut off an EXTREMELY large part of the screen. If you’re doing the tron chip game by calling drones and repeating drill w/ a blocked chain, you are subject to pushblock. As soon as you get pushblocked, do HP Kobun Shot to try and cover for your lag. The opponent will either not be able to jump at all and drones will be covering the front, putting them back in the trap, or they will only be able to jump straight up, but this is more rare. Just keep those servbots flying.

Anything else you wish to know about MST I can help you out on.

Oh yea, and as a little pointer. If you tag in Tron, the only way possible that I know of to connect a LR off a tagin is to dash in + sent ground asssit. The last drone juggles them into the servbot line. Otherwise they recover 1/2way thru and it’s a wasted super…

eh i can give you some beginning combos um -

anywhere - s.lp, XX Lunch Rush

corner - s.lp, XX hk Drill (MASH!) XX Lunch Rush

good damage on both, and you can add a jump-in crossup hp

This doesn’t work on Captain Commando, though, right? A local player lost a tournament match this weekend when CapCom dropped out of the attempted LR in that combo…

I’ve never had it fail on Capcom… I’ve had the,, Lunch Rush fail on Cable, Dr. Doom, and a few others, but never the Drill xx Lunch rush. I have, however, mis-timed the Drill xx Lunch Rush so it didn’t connect… which is no fun at all. I also have a friend who managed to time the Drill xx Lunch Rush so well he could do it anywhere on the screen… but I never managed that trick. Dunno how he did it, actually… and he whiffed too much for me to really want to learn it.

My fav. corner combo with Tron… jump-in lk (3 hits), HK or HP, dash-in, c. lk (3 hits), s. lk (2 hits), HP Drill (Mash like crazy), Lunch Rush (offa the last hit). People like watching it too… since most think it will end with the drill. And the extra hits are no problem… Damage Reduction doesn’t hurt the stampede of Kobun much.

Tron Jon

Tron Jon, thing about the drill xx LR mid-screen…

it doesn’t connect…

But yea, other than that, Tron owns.

Tron/Sent is too good… hella chip damage and unescapable trap? TOO GOOD!!!

Like you think i’m gonna post my trap here, hah.

Abuse Kobun Shots, do it!

Oh, I’d abuse the heck out of the Kobun shot… that is, if I could DP better. I still end up doing a DP-Tiger Knee far too often on my local machine… probably because the stick is too sensitive.

I know that the Drill does not combo into the Lunch Rush outside of the corner… I knew it for a long, long time. But somehow, my friend Robin landed a drill on me mid-screen, and despite my holding block, the LR connected, and the combo meter didn’t reset. So, somehow, he managed it, but I’ve only seen it done once. I know he’s done it more times, but he whiffs a lot when he tries it. But I tells ya’, I’m not fakin’. It did happen, so somehow, it can be done. Dunno how. And probably will never.

Any combos / strats I post won’t include that, since I’ve only seen it once and never done it.

Anyhoo, I’ll drop it if that doesn’t bother anyone. I’m not gonna argue about a combo I can’t do.

Tron Jon

i dunno, i believe you, i had myself convinced for the longest time it would connect, just like im convinced tron can combo a LR off a mid-screen tag in w/ no assists…

But yea, i’m sure it can be done. So what other kinda stuff do you do w/ Tron? There’s not too many Tron players out there, just like me, you, Potts and DSP as far as I know. We need more Tron players.

Actually no, we need this many tron players, cuz if she got abused it would take away the fun of using her. Like that Sonson dude. Anyway, drop some tron strats and see if we can’t come up w/ some shit here.

Oh yea, do you ever use Tron on point? I use her at times if I’m not facing Cable Storm or Sent. I think Tron owns mags on point, she can Zone him so badly.

I use Tron on point, but I’m infinitely better at knocking down Cable or Sentinel than taking on Magneto or Storm. I actually started playing MvC2 with her on point, which is how I earned my nickname / handle. Unfortunately, once I discovered the incredible pain of the Projectile assist, I got a little out of practice. I’m trying to get back into the habit of using her… but my other signature character, Hayato, enjoys her assist so much, my team is hampered if I get her killed by being out of practice.

nah it works, but the timing is a little quirky …

:confused: :bluu: :wtf: :wtf:

points to location

If you’re having trouble fighting like Commando or maybe Iron Man-b, you could use her. Since Commando and Iron Man posess no invincibility and she’s out there and they come in, they will get hit, no doubt. I’d also recommend her use against Doom sometimes (not Strider/Doom). Otherwise, putting it against Sent/Commando can help sometimes (if Sentinel’s close to you, but flying, I like to call Tron, then do a Hyper Grav, if he decides to stomp Tron, he gets caught by the grav -> snapback -> Commando’s dead). I like to rely on Tron more as an assist killer than in an actual combo aid, you should just do the ghetto SooMighty tactics with her. c.LK+Tron, c.LK, then just do triangle jump shorts.

i think tron is more pain in the butt than rouge by the her assist type the gamma when she just kiss you it takes a lot of tym 2 travel not like tron she just grab quickly and if u have storm or mag. use thier speed 2 pick them up for a jougle so i think rouge got at one on one but in her assist she kinda a little fony an suck’s i think i like tron better that her…

Tron’s throw assist, though, has poor range, and leaves her begging for a smack down… I like it most because if you triple off of it, it automatically calls the full Lunch Rush, which can catch a lot of people off guard, especially Magneto.

Strats with Tron vs. Commando: fake the guy out. If he calls Commando and jumps away, you can dash in and leave an assist to do the dirty work. If he stays blocking, do an aerial drill and mash until your hands bleed, or you reach 20+ hits. It’s painful if it’s repeated, and you hit the person for all the massive chip that a fully mashed drill is capable off. I kill so many people with a mashed drill, it’s not even funny… once they get defensive, (which is bad for Tron against people who can stuff her air-game.) whittling away that much life with no real chance of retribution is a morale blow, and painful. You could also King Kobun Commando, but that’s risky.

Also, if you stop just short of his assist (LK drill when he thought you’d HK) you can land with the saw, HK, then combo into either the Drill or the most massive Lunch Rush combo available, depending on whether you caught just Commando, or Commando and the character that called him.

That’s it for now…

Tron Jon

i know its has low range but i thnk its good for covering mistake’s than rouge cause sometyms if u made a mistakes rouge can go there 2 cover it up cause i has average speed not like tron she can just grab you either you block, move or cover she’s going 2 get you and throw you for a open hit’s ahm mr. Tron jon do you know how 2 do the glicth or i dont know if thats a glicth cause d other day some guy use’s marrow/cable/dr.doom then he manage 2 kill my first charc. then the second one he combo me, then suddently marrow went all the way to the top scren and she never seen in the screen and wasted all the tym how 2 do that… anybody know how 2 do that…? damn thing…?

Team Estrogen

i gotta team called team estrogen …ha

Rouge (throw)
Chun Li (Anti air)OR expansion there is a good combo wit exp
Tronne (proj.)

The exp combos is rouge lp + chun li exp. lk mp exp hits qcf pp Good Night Suga

tronne s.lp + chun (exp) s.lp chun exp hits qcf pp

otherwise Tronne assist sets up a lotta shit
chun c.lp c.lp rings hit qcf+pp (Kikou Sho)heavy damage

Rouge c.lp c.lp + tronne, repeating punch or dash in sj magic series qcb k (power drain)

i can also use rouge assist to throw into king kobrun and kikou shou

oh and they all dhc perfectly …
chun li qcf kk to GNS to Lunch rush
GNS to kikou shou to lunch rush.
lunch rush to Chunli qcf kk to GNS etc

and the corner trap rouge jump air dash diving kick. whether the kick lands or not do tronne Proj. and jump and do the diving kick again the they are in crouch block the kick will hit them and the rings will hit them to set up any rouge combo if somehow they block it all do a quick power drain for a upgrade cause they are in the corner.

Team a4
sentinel/strider/tron bonne

the damage is too sexy.

tell me some strats for the team

1 - Drill to LR in the corner, the LR can generally be blocked halfway through by CapCom. On him, better to do drill to KK. Though if you do LR you get better DHCs since he’s right in front of you and the Kobuns keep char #2 safe.
2 - Midstage tag to LR can be done 4 ways:
-Just do a LR. If you hit late with the tag, you can simply whip it out.
-Dash in really close d.Short, that will hit out of the air for 1 hit, LR. Everyone.
-Dash in s.RH xx whiff drill xx LR. Everyone.
-OTG anything to LR, then right before they are about to hit the floor again, DHC. It’s well known that projectiles get to move some during the end of DHC flashes, and the Kobuns will get to move. They multiOTG if you DHC, which you were probably going to do anyway. :^)

Also, Tron/Sent have no unescapable, unassistable, unpushblockable trap. They have good pressure tactics, but Tron/Spiral-A and Tron/Bison-B are the only ones with real traps. And Doom midstage.

Guess I have to get better before I make it on the Master List of Tron Players,
Mike Z

do anybody know how to do the corner infinite with tronn. I saw it in a video where you just do (sj., a/d forward really low off the ground and do, sj,rk ), repeat ()

I saw it been done against ruby heart in the video, bur I haven’t been success with doing it. Tron bone seem to pause a little before dashing and so the combo don’t connect. Is there a trick to doing this?

I use a team of sentinel/storm/tron, I think its a lot better than MST because I alway feel that sentinel have better chemistry with tron than magnus. THere assist help each other out and there DHC is works good with each other. I have storm in there so sentinel can get out savely and mainly to fight bad match up against sentinel/tron (mainly storm and cable). I use to have a team of Magneto/sentinel/tron, but i just dies to cable and storm and don’t have safe DHCs. I think sentinel/storm/tron is the best tron base them. anyway I just hope I can contribute some of tron knowledge here too.