Tron's DoNuT assist

Ok you guys, I know what the tihng is about Tron now. LoLz L8, but still. I’ve been experimenting w/ her, and she beats a lot of things out. My question is, who does she beat? I know CpCom, but I really need to hear someone say she beats Doom LoLz. And just discussion of her assist/point tactics. I think she’s hot as a point too. So have at it. . .

This is frankdadank

** as much as you would want me to say that tron beat’s doom rocks, it doesn’t… the only thing that i can suggest is if your magnus and they call doom, to triangle jump with lk and you should be able to hit him before the rocks cover him up, then combo tron blah blah blah**

early tron > doom


I heard Insanelee has the best Tron out there… =o

He’s pretty insane - I saw him at NCR-1. But how do you judge that kind of thing?

Tron is just beastly fun to play… as Mike Z’s videos show, if you get an unsuspecting opponent, Tron can beat 'em right down. Or Mixup’s near-OCV at Evo last year after his Tron got snapped in, repeatedly using the backjump dash FP cancel to cross up in conjunction with Storm’s assist… ouch. :slight_smile:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen as funny a Tron player as Bronson, but that’s mostly because I thought him yelling 'breakdancing!" when doing her cHK was pretty damn funny.

I thought they were going to put out a DVD or at least videos from NCR, but… I hain’t never seen 'em. :frowning: I’d be interested in seeing Doug and Bronson’s matches, since (other than my own match against Doug [he won]), I missed 'em all while I was playing casual. :slight_smile:

ay zach, heard you are doin much better up in the northwest now! i’m glad to hear this news! i’m gonna start playin marvel again. i was not at 100% at ncr… . soo hopefully i will do well at evo!


hmm, thanks guys i did not know that. knowing this now, i will use her more often at my local arcade because people there abuse Dooms rock assist

why does that assit take away alot of damage when u use it in a combo?

No one knows for sure. Potentially a bug, potentially a design feature - notice that it’s not the best assist - it just helps fill a unique strategic spot.

yeah i wouldnt be suprised if its not another bug/glitch

She might beat doom’s rocks if u think about it i think she beats it from a little distance, but if the person ur facin tosses doom dead infront of her she won’t hit doom before he hits her i think