Tron's fs infinite on captain commando



tron’s fs infinite

thanks to magnetro i found out how to do this infinte and would like to share with you guys



wow, so who DOESNT it work on?

and what are the commands? especially that repetitive corner one… i think its c.lp, s.lp, FP (rock comes out and it hits), FP again to throw the rock. repeat.

i dont think its possible to just to that. it needs that air combo setup right? detials would be appreciated. thanks.


well its a FS (fly screen) infinite so you need to activate the flying screen first (mostly by doing a air combo that end with a firerce attack). But the reason the infinite work its because 1) the FS happen in the corner, so they got no where to go2) the FS negate any push back your normal moves will do so you can keep on doing the infinite without you being pushed back.

now in the video I just did a simple corner combo :
launch,sj.,, sj.wk, sj.fp, (delay otg with)sj.rk, land, s.rk, (hold, release), s.rk and then [, s.rk(hold, release) s.rk] , repeat []

for storm just get rid of the s.rk(hold,release)s. rk after you otg with the sj.rk, this is because the s.rk push her too far. Instead just go right into the [, s.rk(hold,release)s.rk] infinite right away. I have to admit it is the hardest to do it on her so far in the characters that the infinite do work on.

after some testing here are the characters that the infinite works on (so far, might be more to come , you guys can help with the testing, I am very intereted in doing the inifnite to top tier characters)
3.captain commando
5.roll hood
10. sakura
11. morrigan
12. akuma
13. ryu
14. ken
15. wolverine
16. bonerine
17. jin
18. servebot
**19. storm
20. spiral **