Tron's SJC, adf LK infinite &, SJC infinite (sorta new-ish...)

So I was stylin’ on someone on XBL with tron and was going for one of my usual resets. I went for the,, sjc, quick airdash cancel to lk…and to my surprise, it comboed. it was midscreen on a crouching charlie.

So I went to training mode and came up with this


I couldn’t find anything on it before, so I don’t quite know if it’s old or not. but yeah.

there are some different resets you could probably do if you can execute this well enough. of course, you can try airdashing for a crossover HP. or, if you do the infinite with a,, sjc, etc…they’ll need to block that LOW. instead of going for the, you could try going for a quick airdash cancelled into lk (that shit is quick)

so yeah, enjoy.

I think I saw this in a video once. Not sure.

I remember for sure the FS infinite.

perhaps in one of the many meikyousisui vids? (sooo many lol)

but yeah, I’d be pretty surprised if it hasn’t been in a video before or anything. I could find zilch on it (you’d think there’d be a thread for it here)

I shared the video with magnetro, so I’m sure he’d know where it came from first and exactly what time in the video it starts :stuck_out_tongue:

If this is new, good shit man. Thats the great thing about Marvel. There are so many things to learn in this game. Thats why I love this game so much.

Low tier still has a lot of golden nuggets to give up… nice find. It looks familiar to me somehow but If I’ve seen it I can’t find the vid anymore.

yeah, it looks like a very common/unspecial infinite :stuck_out_tongue:

but, old or not, there was no thread on it…and now there is! yay! lol

I think it’s great! Given how deadly she already can be in the corner and her reset options… having another piece of mixup is pretty good for her.

she actually appears to have another infinite…hehehe. this one is possibly even trickier. but I got 6 reps today.

I’m going to try and work on the video for it tomorrow. I coulda made a quick simple one today, but I’m also going to try to show a lot of nice different resets and setups with some of these 2 infinites strewn in.

Posted a while ago - cept he was using sj AD forward LK ( 3 hits), Hp , land sj AD f LK ( 3 hits), HP,
Don’t have the vid on this PC
5 reps or so in the corner.

EDIT - link is dead.

yeah. I already thought of that one too. though, that doesn’t seem like it could be an actual infinite because of pushback. I think the dash forward, sjc, is necessary to keep it going as an infinite (especially midscreen)

thanks though, I missed that entirely!

I’m still gonna try and get a vid of another infinite (her 4th now) out today ^_^;;
Preppy has it in the infinites section.

yup yup! but that doesn’t work midscreen afaik. I did a few more reps of that just now after figuring out what he did (i think) to minimize pushback. but it looks like a rep or 2 and it mighta start pushing back.

edit: ok, guess I lied. I’m too lazy to pull out all the equip. doesn’t seem like many would care anyway :stuck_out_tongue: and it’s less practical (cooler looking, but a bitch to time). I’ll do it eventually sometime…

haha i thought i was the only one who knew about it on sentinel, i figured it out a while ago mid screen witha couple of variations but i never knew it works on characters the size of charlie. Good find. Oh and that other capture infinite works anywhere on screen but it doesnt work on some characters who are too short or tall.

what capture infinite?

you mean the infinite that’s just sj. adf lk?

the other rock infinite is {, sjc, adf, lp, mp ,land}repeat. pretty tricky. got like 6 reps on colossus and 4 on mando. I don’t tend to experiment on a lot of different characters so I dunno if it’s easier on others.

lol, this is like totally the wrong thread for tron infinite talk :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: oh, nevermind! I thought we were still in the anak thread

Couple of questions

  • Can Tron add Hk to the sjc AD Lk, HP Inf. on sentinel? ( HK b4 landing)
  • sjc Infinite on Crouching characters - Sentinel only?

Also, nice to see how far sent gets pushed back midscreen - I see alot of benefits with storm proj.

I’m not even sure what you’re referring to or what the questions are (mainly the 2nd one) o.o

this shit is so dank makes tron teams way better now

First one is - Can Tron sjc her mk into airdash Lk, HP, HK, dash, lk, mk, sjc AD LK, HP, HK
Second is just asking wether this infinite is possible on crouching characters ( I’m geussing no - but maybe on a crouching sentinel)

the mk, sjc infinite? on crouchers? did you see my video…I did it on crouching charlie in there…

I’ll try the other out later when I feel like it, sorry I’m so lazy about these things :sweat:

My bad - I didn’t remember seeing it on Charlie - …watches video again.