Tropes vs. Women in Video Games


Would you back this?

(people have already donated almost $137,000 to get this published, apparently it hit a nerve)


If I supported anything on kickstarter, I’d support Kazu


What the fuck, no.

I just realized that kick starter would probably be the best way to fund my way through graduate school if I so wanted. Hmm…

Seriously this is hella dumb. I like that avoidance of Samus Aran in there. Charlotte, Rose and Hilde are not gonna get any press either because those bitches are covered up. So fuck feminists: even they don’t want to focus on women wearing armor.


I’d pay for kazu.


They do something similar with facts


Is the woman in the middle suppose to be Anya from gears of war?


Looks like this attention whore is finally going to get her 15 minutes.


Its gonna be like that dumb ass article that got posted in the front page of SRK but split into 5 videos. Full frontal stupid in video form.


I’m going to start a kickstarter program like this, only with minorities.
And then watch the money roll in! Just like this person!

Oh wait, MINORITIES. No one cares about them. Damn it.


Like I said in the other thread:

“Women have boobs sometimes! As a woman, this offends me! I declare jihad on titties, now and forever!”

Seriously though, really tired of shit like this. The best way to stop idiocy like this is to

A) Ignore it

B) Send the internet collective after it to troll the eff out of it


12 videos now lol,

apparently vid 2 is hits on fighting games:

The Fighting F#@k Toy - Video #2

and 11 gets to positive models (or I’m guessing ‘positive’)

Positive Female Characters! - Video #11
Video #12 - Top 10 Most Common Defenses of Sexism in Games


I’m not thinking too highly of her already. She should have researched it already, at least somewhat, before asking for donations.


This bitch started a kickstarter for a video series? All she needs to slice some videos, photos, and drawing together and a youtube account. Wow, she suckered all the dumbasses who poured money into this shit


Nah you my boy for that. I actually had some retarded feminist tell me that it was fucked up to treat her like an equal in a physical altercation. She told me that even if a woman started a fight, I shouldn’t hit women. Bitches be crazy mosttimes (i just invented this because “sometimes” does not apply this at all). :rofl:


But how am I supposed to tell the women from the men if they don’t have breasts anymore? I mean, look at Ashley! Now imagine her without the ballistics and pants.


So let me get this straight, a adult woman is raising over 100k because she is insescure about the portrayal of fictional female characters that are aimed at a demographic that is primarily male…woman logic is the most bat shit crazy thing I’ve ever seen I swear.


God forbid there’s decent-looking women in games. Can I raise an assload of money and just make a series about how all male characters in games are eye candy for girls?

Someone with video editing skills hit me up! You’ve got the talent, I’ve got the funny! Let’s make some fucking MONEY!


Great, now I’m angry AND horny. There goes the rest of my night!



“I deconstructed her character in relation to gender, violence and feminism.”

Oh lordy. Feminist Theory is usually the worse of all the theoretical things in all the fields of study I’ve ever encountered. I’d take actual deconstruction over feminist theory but I doubt this chick ever had to put up with Derida.


She’s from San Francisco.
No wonder.

From the looks of it though it just seems like another fighterpedia type snoozefest.