I have 10 of them so far, all from Super Stardust HD.

What’s everyone else’s status?

a big fat 0. is there a list of games with trophies somewhere?

EDIT: just saw the list. i’m gonna be trophiless for awhile.

I got 3 so far from super stardust.

Same here. :sad:

Hopefully they start to patch my favorite older games soon. It will give me a good reason to go back to them.

I’m planning to pick up the rest of the trophies in SSHD tonight. The only ones that I foresee giving me trouble are Multiplier Hero (you need to get a 10x multiplier, which I have NEVER gotten, ever) and the one that requires multiplayer.

I’m at 12 now. I picked up the one where you have to beat a planet without using boost (what a suck-ass objective) and the one where you have to survive without firing for 45 seconds. Seems like the other trophies are pretty hard to get, but I’ll try to score them by the end of the weekend.

the one where you have to go without boost was the first one i got becuase i didn’t know what the hell it did so i didn’t use it. i’m stuck on getting the 10 nukes the shield tokens and x10 multiplier

Those are probably the hardest ones. The shield one is easy because you can get it in any playthrough, and you can even lose your shield and get another one. You can even die.

Oh i thought it said you have to get 5 with shield already on you

Yes. You must have a shield on you to get it, but it doesn’t have to be the same shield.

i will patiently wait for trophy updates to roll out for all my favorite games. Until them I guess I’ll finally bite on SSHD.

I hope soon to be released games are gonna have trophies like SCIV.

I always lose my shield before i can pick up more shield tokens, and getting 15 tokens in a boost is giving me some trouble now.

For the shield one, you just have to not get hit. I can’t really give you any advice better than that.

As for the 15 tokens one, I find it’s easiest to get on either Nemain or Segomo, since those ice asteroids drop so many tokens. Crush everything and wait for the bonus rock to appear. Boost through that and if you snag a few more tokens outside of that boost, you’ll get it.

I’m at 15 trophies now. I just need to get 15 bombs in Bomber mode (super fucking hard) and destroy 10 nukes in Endless mode (also really hard).

looks like i’ll be playin some SSHD tonight haha. just so i can be cooler since none of my friends have trophies yet

I finally got around to buying SSHD, and now I wonder why I didn’t get it sooner. I’m only at 3 trophies so far but the game is mind blowing fun.

I guess I should buy SSHD soon and get trophies or something. I already figured that I’ll be the man when it comes to Uncharted trophies. I hope that patch happens soon.

i tried this multiple times and never got a trophy? i even counted super slow

First, do you have the 4.00 patch that makes the game compatible with Trophies?

If so, did you pick up any tokens in that stage? Those artificially increase the timer, but the Trophy counts actual time.

yes, i have two trophies already. I believe i already did pick up tokens. I was on the second planet and all the asteroids were already destroyed. I just had those little metallic looking balls following me and the ufo looking thing (but they arent fast enough to catch up) so I just rode around the planet for over a minute (counting in my head REALLY slowly).

Am I not supposed to fire at ALL the entire round? because this was near the end of the round,

What mode were you in when you did this?