Trouble Adjusting to SFxT

Hey guys, I’m having a lot of trouble adjusting to this game from SF4. Anti-airs are very inconsistent for most chars, leading to people jumping in on me for free. I play Abel/King, and I’ve been getting wrecked by people that just continually jump in. King’s AA counter works well, but that seems to be his only reliable anti air. Abel is a completely different story though, cr. fierce works at some ranges while cr. forward works rarely.There just seem to be certain ranges where jump ins are completely free.

When I block the jump ins, I have to deal with air tight blockstrings and mix-ups. I just keep getting wrecked by people who just don’t give a fuck and go for the incredibly safe, spammable pressure thats in this game. I wondering how you guys handle it.

Anti-Airs aren’t really inconsistent. They do vary from character to character, because this is a real Street Fighter game; suppose the only real advice is to practice your best AAs on all of the characters in the game from different ranges.

You shouldn’t be playing this game against other people until you understand the mechanics and system changes.

Nothing in this game is “incredibly safe, spammable pressure” I will tell you that much right now. Even rolento can get holes cut into his LP / cr mk / patriot circle pressure. Go into training mode. And by the way, no one is using cross cancels yet, but they should.

Well, from what I’ve experienced when someone jumps in on me, I’m locked into 10 seconds of blockstrings and blockstun until I get frustrated and hit a button or try to tech a throw that isn’t there. It’s all just very frustrating, I didn’t to just get blown up by relentless jab pressure.

It’s way too early to be getting frustrated man. Just keep playing till you get the hang of it…like most of us.

I suggest you try playing Marduk. His AA is what Abel’s should have been. That grabbox is crazy.

  1. Go into training mode.
  2. Set Rolento to jab jab jab -> mk -> rekka or just pace back and forth sticking out a cr mk -> rekka randomly
  3. Figure him out

This is how every good player learns the game. I will tell you right now blocked rekka is minus on block but still safe. You can throw out a jab and frame trap him if your buttons are good enough. Backdash from his pressure. Use counters. Cross Cancel (alpha counter) his rekka shit. There is a certain range rolento is amazing and that is as far as his cr. MK goes.

Again, stick to training mode. Playing against other people right now while everyone is bad at the game is almost not worth doing unless you’re trying to win week 1/2 tournaments.

Step 1) Realise this is not SF4
Step 2) Realise AA’s trade a lot more.
Step 3) Figure out better AA’s.
Step 4) Learn how to alpha counter those pesky Rolento strings.

Thanks for the advice, back to the lab I go.

You dont know the system dude.

Anti-air also consists of air-to-air attacks among other things.

You can also use one bar of meter to ex counter through blockstrings.

Correction… ** I AM ** using cross cancels in my combos :slight_smile: … With Nina(point) & Hwoarang I combo into Launcher, catch them then cross cancel back into my other character to finish the combo… yesterday I had Hwoa on point and just used a combo into Cross Cancel and finished there and I used ABC-combo into launcher to bring mypoint character back in. I am working on some other cross cancel stuff… but that is the first thing I started doing in training mode.

isn’t Cross Cancel, the alpha counter?

You’re confusing terms. What you think is a ‘cross cancel’ is actually a ‘switch cancel’. Uses one bar to switch characters to continue combo

Yes. This is the correct use of the term. Whilst blocking, press towards and HP + HK. Uses one bar. Does not bring in another character.

Thanks, thought I was going crazy back there.

My Mistake lol guess I did have my terms “Crossed”… Hey what you you expect when all these terms have similar words … xD

Cross Art
Super At
Cross Cancel
Switch Cancel
Cross Assult
Cross Counter (When Dudley gets in) lol