Trouble against Blanka & E. Honda



I’m having trouble against my buddy’s Blanka and E. Honda. I’ll break down the issues below:

Blanks - Can’t grab (he does that weird jump that goes right through me). Can’t get out of electricity when pinned against a corner. Can’t find an effective punish for blocked ball (I use breathless). Keep getting hit with his slide (such range!).

E. Honda - My buddy abuses that jumping butt splash. I can’t tell if it’s going to cross me up or not and he does it so fast I have no time to react. Also gets me with his hundred hands combo then combos back into it again.

If anyone has any advice that’d be awesome, thanks for your help!


Blanka: You can grab (or tech for that matter), it’s just your reactions that are making you believe you can’t. You have to learn the timing of the Hop so you can appropriately react. For instance, if I know that Blanka will Hop -> Grab, ideally, I would do a Tornado Throw since TT beats grab. This puts me in a position to control the match now. But be careful with trying that, because Blanka can adapt to you and Neutral Jump to make the TT whiff, and proceed to do whatever they want.

For electricity, I would go into training mode and record the distance at which your buddy pins you in the corner, and experiment with which poke will beat it out (if the electricity is a farther distance away). Alternatively, you can EX Roll out of the corner and it will go through Electricity.

Blocked Blanka Balls can be punished with Soulless easily. I personally wouldn’t use Breathless in this match up. If you tag a Blanka with Soulless off of a Blanka Ball it will make them hesitant to throw them out for the rest of the match (considering it didn’t kill him). I believe you can hit Blanka with Soulless even if the Blanka Ball hits you.

As for E. Honda, I don’t really have too much experience with him. I’m sure someone else in the Abel forums can explain this a bit more.


From Vanilla but should help [media=youtube]lFjb113lEYE&feature=player_embedded[/media]

There’s a blanka video somewhere, if you block a horizontal ball and you’re standing do dash - f-mk to punish although if you’re playing AE I can’t help you soz.


It still works in AE! Light and EX are the only ones where you have to block high… timing on medium and fierce are way more liberal.

Blanka Balls can be punished on block -standing or crouching- with a Dash, Fmk -> Fierce.
Stand Blocking makes the timing a little easier.


Don’t use breathless against Blanka.


yeah dont use breathless against blanka. if your friend spams electricity like he just sits there with electricity while your in the corner, just ultra that bitch. also cr. short beats electricity and i think sweep at a farther distance, not sure about up close. like everyone else said just souless a blocked blanka ball. but make sure the U1 is close to fully charged or else its kind of a waste.

and anyone got tips for punishing blanka ball with step kick? i cant get that down


I got trouble with doing it consistently too, we just gotta keep practicing.

Blankas like to block string and neutral jump alot -the bastards.
Block is stuff and cr. tech all you need… but Always keep St. Fierce in mind and be ready to anti air.


it does, you have to be small bit of a distance away and space abels so that when he slides forward during the animation hes hitting blanka with his foot. Too close and abel will get hit by the electricity and blanka will get hit by the


ummm why not use Breathless?
It can punish a slide from any range. Scarier IMO.


uhh… just punish it with step kick? combo?

ultra 1 punishes err thing ultra 2 does… just does it with more damage :slight_smile:


No it won’t. In fact, a common tactic is to spam balls to get Abel to use Soulless (or Breathless) ASAP so that it doesn’t do much damage. Blanka will usually only stop spamming ball is when Abel’s Ultra will do enough damage to kill him. Or when the Abel player has proven that he can connect after a blocked ball (doesn’t need to hit - the threat of a mixup is enough).

Breathless can be “safe” balled. It will always connect on hit, but if Abel blocks the ball at certain ranges it will whiff. Soulless is a better Ultra in this match either way though.


all i know is that you can do a regular wheel kick to punish blanka’s u2 anti ground


Since no one has helped you vs. Honda I guess I’ll start…

Honda’s weakness, in my opinion, is reflexes. If you can react quick enough to what he does you can beat him out of his moves. Blocked headbutt can be punished with LP, MP or EX change of direction (ulta if you have it). Sumo splash you can dash away if you’re unsure, focus attack, jump HP or roll. (During wake up sumo splashes block the first hit and absorb the second).

Other notes:

  • Crossups can hurt Honda if he doesn’t have a charge.
  • Tornado throw > Oicho (As we all know, tornado throw has crazy priority)
  • Breathless works very good against Honda, just not when he is holding down back. (However, being the biased person that I am, I never use Breathless except vs. Zangief.)

Just some adivice. Hope it helps. It’s probably common sense though. haha


only heavy headbutt can be punished with COD, and the cod has to be jab version.

Blanka’s up balls can be punished ON HIT with medium punch COD.


Are you still having problems with Honda? If so, I have an interesting trick I can teach you when playing against him and that annoying Sumo Splash. :). It’s weird and I don’t understand why this happens, but you can punish this all the time by doing this. And also, if you block a headbutt from Honda, use Breathless, as soon as he bounces back. Works 100% of the time.
U1 will work too, but it’s a little harder to hit with due to its startup

Anyway here’s the trick to the splash. Block the first hit of the attack, but don’t block for the second part of the attack, when he comes down. For some reason, Abel’s hitbox makes the second part of the splash whiff, leaving you with sooo many options you can punish him with. You can punish with a TT, Breathless, and even cr. HP into Soulless. Try it in the training room. It’s awesome!!


Breathless will only punish Medium and Heavy Head butt… Souless only punishes Heavy…
Light and EX almost always safe.

That trick only applies to Light sumo splash.


I’ve been in the training room so I know what works and what doesn’t, plus I have so much experience in this match, that is nearly second nature now. But I’ll go back anyway just to be sure. Frame data has become so much easier to understand and I think I’ll take a look over it again.


Here, lemme help you with that…

Abel’s Ultras

Souless = 14 start up
Breathless = 10 start up

Honda’s Headbutts

Light = -9
Medium = -13
Fierce = -16
EX = -8

Refer to the last post to see what punishes what…