Trouble against Haggar



I just cannot beat my friend who uses Haggar/Shehulk/Doom

My Viper team is Viper/Doom/Ammy.

I try to zone him out with seismos, optic laser, and plasma beam but I ALWAYS seem to get hit by the pipe! Also he uses hidden missiles :frowning:

Any tips?


Focus H Thunder Knuckle or Focus EX Seismo whenever you see him super jump and once he starts blocking on the way down go for air grabs.


I guess I never thought of that! Im not at my PS3 right now but how do you cancel a focus into a move?

EDIT: Nvm, I figured it out…thanks!


Also if you are getting popped by his lariet focus into ex seismo works in that situation too.
Also I believe the move that haggar players end their block strings with(you know the one) can be punished with pushblock.
Otherwise just zone him out when you make him afraid to jump.
Don’t try to get in on him, let him come to you.