Trouble Approaching (VID INCLUDED) Need help ASAP!

Hey guys. I am going to be including some gameplay of myself playing against Akuma and Ryu.

This isnt the best gameplay as I am not the best player but I have the basics down.

Besides the fact I chose Ultra2 in the Ryu matchup, youll see that I have a vary hard time approaching keep away fireball characters. Ive watched videos from alot of different Rufus players but still cant get a solid answer.

I know i jump wayy to much! But please help me out. This is one of the most frustrating things for me!

Thanks in advance!


Video on Main page

First of all, this is a new account, but I am a long time reader & play Rufus myself quite a while.

Second, the Akuma Matchup gives me trouble, too, it can be really frustrating to play good Akumas.

But your gameplay has some basic flaws, you should be working on.

I think U1 is the better Ultra on nearly all of the matchups.

Like you’ve already said… u jump to much.
J.HK is quite a good move, but u use it WAY to much. Its quite easy to predict your next move. Also J.HK just isn’t a good move, if your oppenent isn’t jumping. (It’s okay, if you do it late, so it will hit standing opponents.) But still, just go easy on the J.HKs.
Use J.HP to hit standing opponents after your jump-in. Its a good move. It has a nice hitbox and has good dmg/stun. When your opponent is anti-airing and you trade, the trade will be in your favor most of the time.
Use your dive kick more often, too. Its Rufus main tool to get in. You can also use it low to the ground, so its quite hard to aa.

When playing fireball characters… dont always jump-in. Neutral Jump some of their fireballs. Bait them into srk or something and try to punish them.

Try MP-Snake Strike to go over fireballs, while building meter at a safe distance ( dont do this to often, or you will be punished ).

Try to get in, without jumping… down-forward-MK for instance.

Try to go over fireballs with Messiah Kicks from half-screen.

When you finally get a Jump-in, do your BNB ( Dive Kick -> ( -> ) -> close.HP -> HP Galactic Tornado ) <- LEARN THE BNB ! ( I know its hard, but its an awesome combo, once you can do it consistantly )

Or when you get an hit of your Jump-in J.HP go into close.HP -> HP GT … or TC into U1. (TC whiffs on Ryu, so be careful)

EDIT: Also, on Akumas air-fireballs… try to get in with down-forward-mk ( roll under the fireball to get in ) or try to trade with your crouching.HP.

Hope that helps,

On fireball trapping:
FA projectiles/mp SS over (can also help for wakeup projectile evading)/neutral jump then divekick down/neutral jump/EX Messiah at close-ish range/ block and walk forwards/roll under if air projectile and suitable
The above are the main methods I can think of getting past projectiles but the key is to mix it up; patterns are exploitable. Further, you could bully opponents out of it by keeping back and doing mainly the first two methods to build meters so long as you have a health lead.

There’s more to this than the problem area; your gameplay approach creates half the problem. General notes:

  • Jump only when you’re sure it’s safe (and use fj.hp/ more)
    – Big jumps are dangerous and obvious unless enemy conditioned into not anti-airing you
    — Plain divekicking shotos isn’t worth it; ambiguous crossup divekicks are
  • Use specials only when their success is certain
  • st.hp/ together stop everything in the air
  • If playing Arcade Edition, use Ultra 1 unconditionally
  • Take it slow and steady; gives you time to think about what you’re doing more
  • are good poke moves
  • EX Tornado can be linked from most standing and crouching normals
  • Save meter for Ex Tornado or Ex Messiah into ultra 1. Ex Messiah spamming can be a crippling habit and EX Tornado does more damage

I use jab SS to go over fireballs. Timing isn’t that hard to get down. Just walk shotos to the corner, and be suuuuppper patient. You only need to get in once imo, when you do, you should of focused plenty of fireballs for ultra. If they do a obvious flowchart cross up(non knockdown) like this ryu does, Standing Fierce/Standing Roundhouse works well. (Ex SS if you’re early enough)

Like ^ said. Standing strong/Forward are godlike. I love using them.

My shoto tips: Guessing on fireballs is about the only thing you should be doing randomly.
Try Strong GT to go through fireballs. Or my favorite Jumping Fierce -> Ultra one (day one status in this bitch)

Start your attack on a knockdown. Play smart and play the matchup.

I would also add that once you get in mid-screen range, don’t feel a need to jump in right away (especially if you fear an SRK). use C.HP and a few of Rufus’ reaching tools to try and push them back (especially if they have been fireball weary). You don’t want to commit to jumping in on a shoto until you know they can’t or won’t retaliate with an insta-DP.

And yes, his rolling kick (c.MK) is your friend to get in once your opponent jumps (especially if they are running).

Holy crap! Wow first I want to thank everyone for the help! It has really come in handy. I am like night and day right now compared to how I approached these fights!

Something I noticed I have been having a hard time is the BnB. I seem to have a hard time linking the lk to HP. I’ve noticed I have to plink both or it seems that way atleast

The BNB is important so be sure to keep practising it. Get the actions down then gradually do them faster and faster until you see the combo work; nothing special about the input, just take it from ground level. Once you become familiar with the timing, try pulling it off 10 times in a row, alternating sides as you go; it also makes a good warmup exercise. You’re likely to spend half an hour a time becoming familiar with the combo and when you’re confident, try doing it after divekicks.