Trouble buffering ultra from headbutt

Hey new player here, I looked at the combo sticky but couldn’t find the answer to the problem I was having. Probably because it is too noob but I cant do an ultra after my headbutt. It feels like I don’t have enough time to buffer my charge. I tried doing cr.lp cr.lp headbutt -> ultra but still having buffer problems.

:db: (2), :ub: + :hp:, :db:, :r:, :l:, :r: + :3k:(or :3p:)

That’s all there really is to it, not sure where you’re messing up. Just make sure you press Up-Back for the Headbutt to retain back charge, that’s the key.

Wait… the string you wrote has hold back down and then hold back up hp? isn’t headbutt supposed to be forward up hp? Sorry I don’t get what you mean…

you charge down back, then go to up back + punch for the headbutt. You can go to up, up forward or up back for the headbutt so if you go from downback to upback you keep charge for the ultra. Just keep the stick back and you will kick yourself for not realising how to do it!

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Ohh I didn’t know you could do headbutt that way, thanks now I can pull it off. The ultra hits the player once and just sends him flying though, I guess its all timing from here on.

To juggle with the ultra from the middle of the stage, hold the kicks on the first hit, let go for the second, then hold them for the rest of the ultra. In the corner, you either have to do the ultra a bit late to use the kicks, or use the punches for the first hit then the kicks for the rest of them. If that makes sense.

No wonder you can’t do ultra after a headbutt, you can’t even use the search function properly.

This has been covered AT LEAST 10 to 20 times, there was no need for a new thread.

There’s a “balrog newbie” thread, post there if you’re too lazy to do a search but please don’t clutter the forum

Everything you ever wanted to know, right where it should be, straight from the main Rog page:


If you look through just the front page of the Balrog forum, you’ll see 5 more threads asking about headbutt-ultra. Don’t even need to search.

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you are the first person to have this problem. ever.

just hold down back and do headbutt to up back, its pretty damn basic

hold db -> ub + hp for the headbutt. you don’t even need to go back to the b or db position to do the ultra. just leave your controller at the ub position and go f -> b -> f + 3k/3p