Trouble cancelling Inferno into Critical Art



Hey all,

I apologize if this belongs in a different section but the move is Bison specific so here goes.

I am having a really rough time trying to cancel Inferno into Critical Art as Bison ( using a stick ). I have done it a few times but we are talking like one in 20 attempts in training mode. I have no problem doing the Inferno with a qcb P or Critical Art as qcf, qcf P but putting them together just never works for me.

I am guessing that I am just not getting the CA inputs fast enough to cancel the Inferno, so I have been trying to do it as fast as possible. I noticed that I can input D,F,D,F P for the CA which is fewer directions than the 2x qcf. Most of my successes seem to be when aiming for this, but it’s hard to say.

As a test I tried cancelling Ryus Hadouken and Shoryuken into Critcal Art which is way, way easier. But I was using the trick where you only enter a single qcf for the CA ( since the original move had a qcf ). Is there any trick like this for cancelling into Bisons CA?

If anybody has any tips on how to approach learning this I’d appreciate it.


Look at the input display while in the training room to make sure you input the CA correctly. You might be pressing the punch button too soon. I know I did at first. If your input is correct, the timing might be off. You have to cancel Inferno quite early, as soon is the hit registers.

As for the input, I personally do the qcf motions as two small circles. It might help you to think of the motion as such rather than actual quarter circles. There is no shortcut to do the motion.


Thanks Loup. Yeah, it looks like the Inferno to CA cancel is just a matter of straight execution. The “circle” tip is good, I find it’s easier to get my stick changing directions faster ( from D to F and back ) if I think of it like that.

Poking around the internet though, I did find some shortcuts for other Bison specials into CA. Apparently you can input charge motions as a QCF after holding DB, which then only requires a single QCF + P after the hit. So cancelling from Psycho Blast and Leg Press is way, way easier for me now. The CA tends to whiff after Blast at most ranges, but the Leg Press seems pretty solid and I can confirm into it. This might be the route into CA that I have been looking for…


If it works for you that’s great! I don’t really like using scissors though. I use Inferno because you can confirm s.MP into cr.MP then Inferno and CA. I know there’s enough charge time there for scissors but I feel more confident doing inferno. Also, you can play “footsies” and walk forward then cr.MK xx Inferno xx CA. Just things to consider in the future.


Very interesting, will have to try this method of canceling. I play pad (and one handed on a Hori FC 4 Pro), but worth a try. Thanks!


I still use the old PS3 Madcatz Fight Pad. No Problems at all with that thing cancelling Inferno into CA.

I bought a Tournament Stick and tried it, just to see how it feels… it just isnt my thing. I felt like I have to press the buttons quite a bit later, than I would normally with the pad.
I tried again at Gamescom against some people and could not do a single special move besides Inferno… and wake up CAs, when people jumped at me.