Trouble choosing a Main... XP

Hi Everyone!

I have been playing this Game for a long time… I’ve always had trouble picking a main in this game. I’ve been playing Cody for a while. I personally think he is very good character but… I just don’t think he has what it takes. Or at least for me anyways. I also have played with Cammy and E. Honda in the past in Vanilla.

I’ve never been a tier whore and go with the best. I just want a solid character. I don’t mind bad match ups to learn against. I just don’t want something that gets dumped on by every character in the cast. I just wana up my game and do something that is solid for a chance.

Any Tips on choosing a main in this game? Cause I know there can be extremes when choosing a character. From huge learning curve’s and everything. What advice can you people give me!? I appreciate any help!

What exactly are you looking for in a main character? And why do you feel that Cody doesn’t “have what it takes?”

Seriously have fun with this game stick to Cody, you may not beat everyone but you will get wins from time to time. You’re going to continuously get dumped on by people who put in the time to read this site and learn every single OS for their character. I personally do not find it fun to jump in mashing four buttons because I have no idea what my opponent is going to do, so I just play to have fun.

You’re going to have to play the game.