Trouble connecting to someone with SSF4 when SSF4 AE is in SSF4 Version

Hello there, new to this forum so sorry if I have misplaced this thread, the tech talk one seemed too hardware-y for this.

I used to have a hard copy of SSF4 but eventually i bought SSF4 AE from PS Store. Now, my friend also has a hard copy of SSF4, and we always used to fight against one another, and before I bought the AE i made sure by googling some stuff, that we’d still be able to fight against another and everyone said yeah as long as put it in “SSF4 mode” by uysing the “Change Version” option. I do this and change my AE into it’s SSF4 version and yet i can’t connect to my friend with the hard copy of SSF4.

I’ve looked around and couldn’t find any help on the matter, so here I am! I’ve tried to put as much info into this as I can, and any help is much appreciated, Many Thanks. ^^

Try having your friend connect to a room that you create where you put the option on the version on “ANY”

If your playing on ps3 (not sure if this is the same for 360) but your friend will have to download the compatibility patch to play against people that have arcade edition (it’s located in the store as a free download in the ssf4 section) I had this similar problem a while back.