Trouble doing double motions in SF4 on mah stick. Advice?

I’ll try to keep this short.

I can’t do double QCF facing right on my stick (HRAP 3) consistently. and by not consistently, I mean:

1.) when far from the fight, under no duress -** 60% of the time.**

2.) when trying to add a super onto the end of a combo - only 5% of the time.

I have no problems throwing fireballs or anything else requiring that movement, but when I have to do double motions for supers or ultras facing right, I can have no faith in pulling it out in the clutch. In looking at the input data, I seem to miss either the down on right motion in the movement. typical result is either a regular fireball or a uppercut. all BAD news when trying to pull a win. it’s a real handicap and I don’t know what to do.

On the flip side (facing left, 2nd player starting position), I can tack a super on the end of combos effortlessly. 110% of the time. The motion is just more natural, and I absolutely destroy double movements when facing left.

Does anyone else have this issue when trying to do double QCFs facing right? Is there a special way to hold the balltop? any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.

(side-note: I know it’s me and not the stick. if I put my right hand on the stick and my left on the buttons [crossing my hands, so that I can do the motion as going right naturally as my left hand has going left], and I can do it with ease.)


can anyone offer advice? :frowning:

i try to do SRK motions from crouched i do this for about 10 mins.
and then when you have a feeling for the stick try to loosen up with having hadouken matches. do this for another 10 mins both directions.
and then try doing the super motions repeatedly until you have em down.

all i can tell you really is hit up practice mode as much as you can practicing motions
( thats what its there for)

oh and sometimes its how you hold the stick
i put the stick in between my middle finger and the ring finger and with my thumb resting on top of the ball so i can guide the stick with my wrist and kinda using my thumb to guide like a semi D pad

practice still makes perfect tho

Switch your hands everytime you cross your opponent up. :smile:

hmm… practice… I have similar problem when I just start playing on sticks, and even though it still feels un natural, I can execute them fine now.
if you are not afraid of been too bore… do some work out with it XD
like… 236 fifty times, or just do it while you are watching a movie or something
personally… I practice doing the double 236 motion when ever I am watching anime =_=

Initially, try starting your movement a little more towards down back than just simply down when you start the double qcf motion, it may help alot.

Otherwise, check the positioning of your hand, and change accordingly to whichever the motion comes out most consistently with.

Man SFIV has opened up a whole new world of just how much a suck, to me. I’ve only relatively recently started playing with stick and 720 motions, and Guile’s super just seem to be beyond me.

Yeah I hear you. I can do the super but only after 10 tries. Every once in a while I will nail guile’s super but never in the clutch. I just got to keep at it.

I’m prayin someone does a full guide on how to use an arcade stick…some of the guys on here are really good…that would be really really helpful

Are you mexican?

The best way to learn is through practice. No one will be able to tell you how you become comfortable with a stick. There really isn’t one way to use a stick, especially with all of the different types and layouts.

I’ve been playing with MAS sticks for a while BUT…there’s no way to use them on my 360 and every 360 stick no matter which route I went use Japanese style.

I have no had much luck with Japanese sticks. When I went to TGA a few years back I couldn’t do a damned thing on any of their cabs cept for Guilty Gear. When I had my ASCII Stick… well I just sucked on that motherfucker. It wouldn’t register anything unless I tried to break the stick off.

SO yeah…Me and Japanese sticks don’t mix.

Come to the digital ops tournament this weekend in Ann Arbor and we’ll show you how to use your stick, no homo.

I have a similar issue when facing right, I can pull off anything facing left but often wiff right facing motions. Couple that with I suck in general and it gets frustrating. I’m gonna put in the time in the training mode though this time around that I shoulda have done years ago.

Yes, me too. Not with just this game but every fighting game facing right. What helped me is I started holding the stick “wine-glass” style. Really helped out, after a few hours, it felt more natural. I’m not as consistent as I want to be, but I’m doing waaaay better than before the change. SRK movements and double qcf were easier to pull off for some reason. It has improved my facing left game as well.

I used to have this problem alot - I would THINK that I was doing a QCF but on sticks, it can be funny - you might not be actually following through to forward all of the time even though you THINK you are.

Put it on the training mode and pick a fireballer - Ryu, Ken, etc. Then try this - do your QCFs, but actually go a little FURTHER than what you THINK is forward. Like, try to end that motion going diagonally up/right, then hit the button - see if that doesn’t help you.

Same thing with the “chargers” - Guile, Bison, etc. For their supers, you gotta move it FAST and ACCURATE. Like for Guile - charge back… then F, B, F/Up REAL fast and hit the kicks for the super… but again, when you think you hit Forward/Up if you actually just hit forward he’s just gonna kick normal.

Sticks are not as forgiving as pads. Sometimes if you don’t hit or pass that switch to tell it that you’re going forward, it’s still gonna think you’re down/right when you hit the button. I trained myself to swing it slightly FARTHER than I thought was necessary, and now I can nail them everytime.

Also, a quality stick would help immensely. I’m using an HRAP EX for the 360. It’s awesome even with the stock buttons.

Most important - Practice. Practice practice practice. Not against people, that’ll frustrate the hell out of you. Just stick it on training mode and throw fireballs and dragon punches for a couple of hours. You’ll get the feel for whatever stick you’re using after awhile. They’re all different. And you’ll find the “sweet spots” on yours eventually :slight_smile:

funny thing: someone yesterday told me that some people actually do do that. but only when they’re preparing to do a super.

I’m definitely going to try more practice. if practice doesn’t help, I might start practicing the switch.

I’ll have to turn my “sleight of hand” perk on, though. :sweat:

No. Why do you ask?

I’ve had my stick for about 7 months. I really am good with it and am not uncomfortable doing anything. I’m fine with everything but this motion, it seems. I’ll keep hacking away at it, I guess. it’s the first game I’ve needed to use double motions for special moves.

I was just hoping there was some best practices-proven way of holding the balltop that results in a better feel for my issue. maybe there isn’t. ah well.

back to my 30-game win-streak… :lovin:

oh snap! a tourney in Ann Arbor? where???

yea, that’s what I was doing last night. I had it showing me the moves. I was regularly missing either the down or the forward on my second QCF movement.

my stick is a HRAP 3 with a variant of the ultimate JLF mode. your stick’s PS3 twin and very good stick all around. it gives me no trouble doing anything else. I know it’s just me…I was just hoping there was some way to hold the stick that would result in more consistent success with the motion.

heh. Perks! ^^

Fallout 3 reference for teh win!