Trouble doing Hit Confirms

Hey guys,

I’m trying to learn how to do hit confirms into combos but I’m having a great deal of trouble.

I can do all of Akuma’s BnB 100% now:

HK -> cr.MP, light tatsu, uppercut (FADC shaku)
any normal (cr. HP, HP, cr.jab, etc.) -> light tatsu, uppercut

But I can’t seem to do LP LP LP -> tatsu
I can do LP -> tatsu easily.

Is there a trick to it? I know I’m getting the timing right (at least what I think the timing is)

My timing to it is 3 evenly spaced presses followed by a really quick one (tatsu), so its like:

(sorry dunno how to better express it)

Is this incorrect?

Thanks for the help!

My “ahah!” moment with the timing came when I delayed the third LP.

I think of it as LP, LP (tiny pause) LP, tatsu.

Just play around with it in practice mode, it’ll come eventually :slight_smile:

I would recommend linking all three c.LP’s instead of chaining two and linking one, as the above post suggests. This will lower the margin of failure for c.LP x3 hit-confirms. If you get three jabs out and they combo, but you can’t cancel into LK tatsu, you did it too fast. If the jabs don’t combo at all, you did it too slow. Find the rhythm this way. Just remember, the same amount of time between each jab.

If you want to get really good at this, do:

c.lp, c.lp, -> BnB

That, if you land it PERIOD, leads you to linking into your BnB every time. This will give you the idea of the timing a little bit better because if it doesn’t come out, then you did it too fast. If it doesn’t combo, then you did it too slow.

The problem with c.lp x3 is that it comes out EVERY TIME, even if you are linking or canceling, which gets confusing when learning this essential link setup. You see c.lp x3 come out, though you can’t link into the BnB and you wonder why. Then you do it again, then it works, and you are like, WTF?!?!

So with adding the, if that lands, guess what? You now have a guaranteed link into your BnB, as opposed to that 3rd c.lp that might or might not link.

Regardless, if you get this timing down with, then you will be able to land the easier c.lp x3 because you need less frames and it’s more reliable online.

This is again harder, but a good way to measure your capabilities of doing it. And this is my own way of learning that worked for me.

Always use cr.MP anyway. You can do a lot of cool stuff from it.


Plink the MP (LP~MP) on the third hit.

Once I started doing that, my success rate skyrocketed.

expanding on stoli’s suggestion, an additional benefit of using the is you can cancel into a fb, as opposed to bnb, which is useful if your opponent is crouching (this isn?t possible if you chain the fist 2 lps and link the 3rd). that said, i usually go with the 3 lps, as it’s easier for me. personal preference, though.

and as for timing, you can link all three lps, as lord suggested, or you can chain the first two lps, then link the third. my preference is the second approach (solely based on how i learned the combo, so it?s comfortable). as others have suggested, if you take the second approach, the key is to slightly delay the third lp (i.e., lp, lp, slight pause, lp).

plinkin, with negative edge, can lead to a ex hado sometime… :smiley:

Cool stuff like getting pushed out of range for the tatsu? From a range where will still get you a bnb, will just get you smacked upside the head.

The cr.lp, link is important to learn, but it’s not without its downside.

Yeah it totally can, I’m trying to train myself to stop the EX from ever coming out when I go cLP, cLP, cMP xx FB.

I considered not plinking in the FB scenario, but I decided to learn it the right way and do the plink and train myself to not get EX hado :).

If distance isn’t an issue I try to use c.MP instead of c.LP as the last hit because

  1. If it combos it was linked so you know you are able to Tatsu out of it
  2. Does 40 more damage
  3. On block it still is +2 on block and +5 on hit just like a c.LP so what ever you can link or cancel off of a c.LP you can do off of a c.MP.
  4. You have the option to fireball.

On larger opponents like Sagat the c.MP rarely causes the Tatsu to whiff. On smaller characters you have to be a little more careful.

Yup, it’s good. But it’s not “always use” good, which is what I took issue with.

Which is why I said if distance isn’t an issue. No move is good for all situations. You have to be wise and pick your moves correctly. If you are closer in then LP > LP > MP is better than LP > LP > LP.

Yeah as a matter of fact I don’t ever use 3 jabs unless I crouch under a Gief roundhouse or Balrog dash punch and need to punish without hesitation. jab x3 might be useful in cross-ups that you don’t space so well, but even then I usually just c.LP, c.MP.

I use cLP->cLP->cLK->LK Tatsu because the LK tatsu always lands and after a cross up LK or MK a third cLP or cMP won’t land and cMK will but LK tatsu won’t so I use the 3rd as cLK and it has been working great especially against Balrog’s wack ass hitboxes.

Hmm I never seem to have an trouble with it. Besides you can always just c.LP > c.MP because if you haven’t realized they are blocking by the c.MP then you have some problems to work out.

i find it alot easier to using s.lp and maybe even due to a larger window, if your going to be doing a lk tatsu anyway, is there a disadvantage to this?

I suppose not, the frames are similar enough…but it seems like more hassle to have to stand up, only to go back to the down position to start the tatsu motion. If you stay crouching, you already have the down input right there.

s.MP (close or far) is -1 on block, so it’s not as good as a hit-confirm as c.MP, which is +2. Also, if you’re ending a string with it in true hit-confirming sense, they could possibly be crouching and standing normals can whiff on certain characters at certain ranges.

when you do the third hit in the link, you want to hit c.MP or c.LP right as Akuma’s arm retracts. if you cancel the 2nd hit into the 3rd, you can’t cancel that into the tatsu. i’m just getting the hang of this myself. plinking really helps, but negative edge often fucks things up. i think holding down the buttons getting plinked would help that though

Im terrified of links. cr.lp cr.lp [ or] fb. I’m very unreliable with them and no matter how much practice, I cant depend on that string at all. Should I plink or just practice hitting timed links?

But the moment I get it down, i’ll facepalm.