Trouble performing a sent combo

Whenever I try and do a combo with sent such as launcher, sj, sj lp, sj mp, xxfly, f lk… Sentinel gets out the lp,mp but then centers himself and causes delay to get out lk. Am I not inputting the fly command fast enough. Or could it be that I do not have unfly mode activated. If anyone could help.

You don’t need unfly mode for basic fast fly combos. Fast fly refers to sent being able to have normals come out quick after he returns the stick to neutral after flying.
So after you do the sj Lp, Mp, just fly, tap up and press Lk. You don’t have to do it super fast.

Unfly mode lets sentinel attack immediately after he cancels a fly. So for example - he can fly above another sentinel doing HSF and do
Flying Hk, quickly cancel Fly, Hk ( the unfly part), dash Lp, Mp, RP, xx HSF

The stuff you want is covered in the other stickied Sent threads. It just takes a bit of reading.

Thank you Augmint, much appreciated. I will try what you said.

After you do the fly motion you’re suppose to return the stick back to neutral and then tap any direction + attack button. For example: launch, sj, lk, lp xx fly, put stick in neutral, up+lk, lk, dp.Rocket Punch. You can do this fast or slow, I like doing it slow cause I can finish the combo off better with a rocket punch. Keep in mind though, you gotta know the timing well enough to perform it.

Everything else Augmint stated in his post is on point. Unfly makes Sentinel even more deadly.

Thanks bman409 for the help. I see the technique needed in returning the stick to neutral. I just have one more question. Is this technique required for the other characters that can do fly combos such as iron man/war machine to make that next lp/lk hit? Or is that technique just idiosyncratic for Sentinel.

I haven’t really played with Iron-Man like that outside of doing basic stuff but I think it works with him as well. Iron-Man is hard as hell is pickup, to play with him your execution has to be on point. He’s hard to play with but deals good damage, he’s up there with Magneto, 1-hit kill character.