Trouble playing with a stick

Hello everyone, I got my hands on a TE stick about 2 weeks ago since it was getting kinda frustrating playing with the keyboard.
I bought it based on everyones opinion, whenever I ask about the best hardware for sf4 the TE comes on top but here’s my issue : I suck as HELL with it xDD
I’ve always been playing with pads, mostly ps2/ps3 or olders but joystick is new to me. I’ve been playing around 200 matchs (almost 100 with abel, then 100 with gouken) and I can hardly see any improvement xD I’m a sore loser when I’m playing the tournament mode (dunno why, but the fact that I don’t win xxx GP makes me mad xD) and the more I lose the more insane I become xD I start getting too nervous (though it’s FULLY my fault if I lose) and I fear that I may start to hit my stick xDD

So here’s my issue, is it normal that I suck that hard with the stick? I’m I in an uncomfortable position to play with it? I grab the stick with three fingers and mash the buttons with 2 and sometimes 3 fingers, but for some reason I find it really hard to dash, therefore I can’t be as aggressive as I used to be with a pad and I have to play in an offensive style which doesnt suit me much, well it works against noobs but once people get skilled, I almost get perfect.
So my biggest problem with the stick is the speed I move it, it seems too slow, or too difficult to dash fast (for example i can’t link gouken’s tatsumaki after an ex shoryu) and combine it with some moves.
Well it’s my first time posting in english, so I may say loads of crap (I apologise in prevision xD) and as you can see I’m upset with how I play atm.
Sorry for the long post !

relax and practice, practice, practice.
It can take a while to get used to using a stick.

Don’t try to force the stick into fast motions yet, do them slow and deliberate. Then over time you will get used to the motions. As for dashing, I would check out the “how to hold ball top” video which has different examples of holds that you can try, you will find something that you are comfortable with using or a little more so than the others and modify it to become your own.

Yea I use 2 fingers predominately as well so when I try to do a ultra combo in street fighter 4 I usually end up pushing a super combo since my ring finger is relatively weak or unresponsive to fast movements in comparison to my index and middle finger. To overcome this since the Sanwa buttons are so sensitive you can use the bone under your finger tips for moves that require 3 buttons pressed or require you to multitask buttons in such a way.

I been using a stick for only 2 months though, and I am still going through some learning pains.

Your post seems fine to me.

As for the stick issue, ask yourself this question:
How do musicians get to Carnegie Hall?
The answer…PRACTICE!

But, here is a link that can help you with the transition:

Hope that helps! :bgrin:

Taken advice from the hitchhikers: don’t panic.

The above guys said the right thing, but it is easier said than done.

When you play with an arcade stick, especially with sanwa parts, you must not feel stiffness in your arms and hands, it must always be light and relaxed, all the motions need to be tapped instead of pushed, practice on the lightness and sensitivity, practice on input accuracy and restrain your temper, it takes a lot of time and discipline. Good luck.

Okay, thanks for the quick answers! I’ll try to grin and bear it until i get better then :stuck_out_tongue: (don’t think I have such a fine english, I googled the expression from french to english xD)
I might as well play friendly matchmakings instead of championship mode or tournament mode.
For some reason when there’s a bet, I takes too much on me when i lose! :stuck_out_tongue: Well i guess fellow gamers dislike losing :stuck_out_tongue: (especially against low levels)
Well then I’m going to train like hell, and maybe cut my stupid habits of playing less-liked characters.
Thanks again for the advices!

Lamren, to articulate what these gentlemen are saying its normal that you cannot natually execute the moves you want with joystick. Certainly when I bought my mad catz TE, I sucked so much.

When I first started, my character would jump forward when I just wanted to walk forward… yes I jumped around like a frog when I didn’t want to jump. I even jumped doing a hadouken. I would even jump straight up when I want to jump forward.

The thing that helped me solve this problem was having my wrist perpendicular to the joystick enclosure. So when I moved left and right, I stopped the jumping.

For the online tournament mode, you really need to relax. I started doing crazy stuff online when I got nervous. That’s very normal. To help me ease the nervousness, I kept switching back and forth… Online and very hard mode offline. Later on, just pretend you are playing against computers… It will calm you down.

Another thing that will calm you down would be that getting hit is not a big deal. Lose the match, well there’s will be another match tomorrow…

Hope this helps.

Ahah I had the exact same problem when I first used it :stuck_out_tongue: Couldn’t do a single hadoken, it would always jump forward. And whenever i’d do an ultra, an ex shoryu would come out.
To point out where my level is, I’d say I can do most combos (yeah even sa cancel) in practice or challenge mode, but I can’t put them in application when it comes to versus fighting… Looking at myself i realise how I lack training xD
But I’m terrible at dealing with my sore loser side, I feel so stupid for getting so easily angry when I lose in championship mode! xD Yeah I’ll try to chill down from now on, or I might as well play in matchmaking friends mode (not sure if my translation from french is right xD Yeah thats right I live in a country that most people don’t even know, belgium).

As for the self control techniques, I tried doing 20 pushup whenever I’d lose a match, but after 4 consecutives losse, I had to stop xD The idea was to use the overpower (excessive power? Way to go damned frenchie :frowning: ) that anger gave in some good way, but instead it killed my arms :rofl:

It takes lot of discipline to be calm and once you start getting angry, its really game over. I started playing on xbox live and I still get my butt kicked… I have a higher ratio in losing than winning but what I notice is that for each lobby room, there’s this one guy who slaughters everyone. That means I’m not the only one who has a higher ratio of loses to wins… : )

Anyway, I’m not that competitive and I spend my days improving my skills for work. Video games is something on the side for fun.

I see :stuck_out_tongue:
I play on pc and I used to kick ass (well it was in g3 so …) when i was with my ps3 pad. It got harder in g2, since there are a LOAD of blanka’s, and I can’t stand that character xD Even when i see the top blanka players playing him I find it ugly… But again i’m kinda noobish with charge characters so well… xD (though I find honda, bison, chun li, vega, balrog,… muche more interesting)

If you can quickly execute a dragon punch at the right time like Daigo… then blanka will get caught in Ryu or Ken’s dragon punch while doing the rolling ball attack… Easier said than done, I know. But I’ve seen where good blanka players get frustrated everytime Ken/Ryu players cancel their ball attack every single time without missing a beat…

I have other problems. I’m used to playing American style (HAPP parts). Ordered an Octagonal gate and bat top so hopefully I can change out the parts and it’ll be closer to what I grew up with.

A lot of people say you should get used to jpn style (square) sticks. I’ve been working on trying to get rid of old habits, but they die hard. One of my biggest problems is my grip. Sometimes one grip makes it easier to do a move than another and it’s tough to alternate.

getting and finding your optimum playing style is all you. it depends on where you’ll be playing too.

i play with an octogate - but can do fairly well with a square. if you’re going to be playing in arcade much then maybe learn square - but if not, then stick with what makes you comfortable.

as for “howto” that’s for you to find your sweet spot. just relax and run through training modes with button inputs activated to see what you’re hitting. it helps.

i played with a control pad for fighters the majority of my life and went to stick a few years ago. took me a few weeks but now it’s like cake.

i play a little unorthodox though - i tend to use the stick the way a kitten slaps around a yarnball. it just flows around the crook of my thumb and forefinger when i play - and some people hold it tightly when they play.

all about find your own method. :slight_smile: and practice practice.

Where are you from? Here in so cal most of the arcades I go to the machines have either HAPP or JPN style with octogate. There’s this one arcade in northridge though that gives both players the option of either Japanese or US style.

Course I’m old school so I play the configuration on the left:pleased:

Trying to get better at square gate though.

I’ve been playing on stick for 5 months now and still have to practice things like dashing. So be patient and practice, try diffirent grips and don’t give up.

I’m currently trying the challenge mode… Well I was able to clear the normal mode without much trouble.
I’ll try the hard mode since it asks for much harder moves :smiley: (hope I won’t blame my failures on the stick xD)