Trouble preforming cancels?

I’ve never been so frustrated in my life, honestly. With the arrival of AE weeks ago, I decided to move on from my long term main of Bison, first to Sagat, and while that was tiding my over for a while and I rarely had the problem of connecting his basic combos, I had issues with his general speed and some links.

Needless to say, I moved on to Cammy after getting kind of bored, just one issue. I cannot for the life of me consistently do, Cr.lp, XX H.Spiral arrow. I don’t know if I’m too used of using charge characters, or what. But it’s got me feeling like I’m quite terrible at the game and dousing my once prominent flames of confidence.

What do Shoryuken? What do?


Not like I’m just jumping into ranked and endless battles man, :o practice goes without saying. Spiral arrow just never comes out.
I don’t think anything is wrong with my inputs, either.

Have you watched videos on it? Maybe your input is off.

It’s your linking.
If you chain a normal into another normal (For basics we’ll just say Ryu’s jab jab jab) you cannot cancel into a Special.
You have to delay the last normal so that it’s counted as a link, and the special will come out.
Shove the dummy on Autoblock, delay the last cr. LK as long as you can while still comboing and do the cancel.

Practice practice practice. I can’t imagine that you hit sagats basic combo [ c.lp xx DP] and you have trouble with cammy’s. presumably its because you’re not linking the last lk and thus cannot cancel. An easier and overall better anyway combo [new to AE!] which you might like to use as a starting point, c.lp spiral arrow.

You need to time the inputs slowly so that it’s counted as a link, if you mash the inputs too fast the SA won’t come out. Aside from that it’s practice, and then more practice.