Trouble punishing demon flip?

not even on wake up haha, is there a trick for anti airing him? is he invincible at all during the move or the EX version? Please help and thank you :]

You can hit him out of the air without much trouble when you hear him demon flipping. You can dash out of some demon flip setups on wakeup, but for the most part it’s better to just block (now you can even do it crouching).

Can he grab you while crouching?

Yes he can. Invincible reversals, backdashes & neutral jumps can punish it.

I think the trick is to try and stay unpredictable on wake-up. If an akuma player locks on to your wakeup habits then they will find an answer. If they know you’re going to backdash then they can probably just slide or OS a sweep, if they know you’re going to jump they can empty-palm and AA you.

Have a look at Loltima’s akuma 101 Demon Flip video for a good breakdown of the DF properties/vulnerabilities, It’s all still accurate besides palm being an overhead and grab whiff timing.