Trouble super jumping on a stick

I just bought a stick a few days ago and, for some reason, I have a lot of trouble super jumping on third strike, especially after moves like Houyoku-sen (Chun Li’s SA2) and Abare Tosanami (Makoto’s SA2). I could super jump just fine on a keyboard before, but I have trouble doing it now. How should I do it. Rotate the stick from down to up-forward, or what?

I just do down to up.

Hey I dont have an answer, but another Question… you have 3rd Strike on PC? where did you get it?

He probably plays it on MAME or GGPO. Of course, discussion on how and where to obtain the roms is not allowed.

You pay for them, duh.

you are probably holding down too long. Tap down to up in 1 motion.

I guess I should just practice the timing more. Thanks!

And yes, I use GGPO

Flick it down and up.

Oddly enough when I started trying chun, I would just mash up and down as fast as I could during a super and a SJ would always come out. Eventually I learned to stop mashing it and to delay it so I could get the air double fierce. And now I play Viper in SF4 so SJ is like my life ha.