Trouble tagging people with s.strong after cb.fierce

Could someone compile a list on the level of difficulty it is to tag someone with s.strong after cb.fierce? I can do it easily on Urien, but I have trouble with doing it on Shotos T.T;

umm it should work on everyone as far as I know. It’s hard against the twins. and the rest of the cast you have to do the cb.Fierce at point blank range. but it should work. Why are you doing this alot?

Well it’s just something I’d like to do after a launch or I think jab :qcf: :p: =) I’m trying to learn the timing for his juggles but they’re so weird compared to everyone elses’ -Like the :db: fierce :p: in the corner against certain characters, and some post stun combos T.T;

well after the B+fierce, it works, it’s just not worth it, I’d say take the knockdown. In the corner, a jab is better unless you know the mp is gonna stun them because with a jab, you can cancel it into things for sweet mixup options. As for stun combos there are better things to do. And yes most of necros juggles have tight timing, I can not do the db+f x6 with any sort of consistency for the life of me.

blah, so I guess I was completely wrong this definetly doesn’t work against everyone. Dumb dumb dumb. I am sorry for the wrong info.

I don’t have a definte list of people who can be tagged by st.sp yet or even b+sp but I will look into it tomorrow for sure, As of right now I have doubts about it working on Elena, the twins and

I am almost 100% you can not do db+fierce to anything else except for magnetic storm on ibuki


here is a partial list of who can be tagged with what after db+fp

ibuki, twins, maybe chun, elena, maybe necro - I can’t seem to land anything on them after db+fp except mag storm, but I am not positive about chun the timing could just be hella tight, same with necro though I couldn’t get anything to land.

Urien, Alex, Hugo - can all be tagged with a standing strong, but since you can do at least two (and up to 6) more db+fp after a db+fp you might as well just do that.

Shotos - as far as I know you can only tag them with a jab after db+fierce, but thats okay cause that means when you stun them you can go jab, db+fierce, jab db+fierce, jab db+fierce, which does lots of damage.

Q- can be tagged with standing strong, or back + strong. I recommend the back+strong as it’s more damage, and stun. Plus during a stun combo lets you do back+strong, db+fierce, back+strong, db+fierce, back+strong, db+fierce. Which once again is good damage

Remy, Makoto, Twelve - all can be tagged with back+strong

Oro, Dudley - so I couldn’t get anything but standing jab on these guys and on oro it was sorta hard but on dudley it was down right nasty the timing for getting the standing jab on him. Ugh.