Trouble Throwing

Ok as the title says I get it you hold forward and tap H to throw to my knowledge, but when i play against people and they easily get resets if im in the air they super jump and grab me before i see their character. How is this accomplished i can’t seem to get the timing right for a throw at all and even having trouble doing one normally when im on the ground. Any help would be appreciated ^^

To counter them you need to let them grab you first and then press F+H. If you mash the button before, they will grab you when you’re recovering from that move.

Not much to say besides it takes some practice to get used to. A lot of players who play Nova or Viper tend to be good at airthrows because their characters are great with them. Just remember the range is pretty damn close and if there is jumping/air involved it has to be a bit specific timing wise. It’s really still as simple as just be in grab range and grab normally, it is just harder airborne for many reasons.

The super jump thing is just a timing of knowing when their character is going to be within range of yours. Unless you know how fast or when his character is going to be within range of you then you’re gonna get grabbed because like you said, they are super jumping to get to you and score a grab.
Try putting the training dummy on Super Jump and practice letting them jump and going for them and practice being in the air before they are so you can learn to intercept them as they are coming up.

Hope that helps :]

Thanks a ton =) appreciate the tips!!