Trouble unlocking characters in Marvel

I got a few more characters to unlock but none of the new ones are appearing(it keeps on saying “Sold Out”). Can anybody tell me how to get them? Thanks.

PS2 version btw

Buy some colors/artwork (and stages if you haven’t done so yet) and eventually more characters will show up.

Earning shop points, scrubby style:

Go to arcade mode, pick your team, then press start on the second controller and select a team for that side. After scoring an easy perfect win, do the process all over again. For every win you score against 2P will get around 300 points. It’s pretty boring but it’s probably the fastest way to get points and unlock all the stuff in the game.

no, thats a horrible way.

Go to training mode, don’t pause it, just turn the TV off, and go to sleep.

Wake up with 9999 points.

^ Yeah, but that takes all night. You can blast through 1-player and net 2500-3000 points, so that gets you the same 9999 in about a half-hour or so even though you actually have to do something.

Besides, when you get down to the last handful of characters the price gets over 4000 per character (or assist button color); it’s 5200 for the last purchase if I’m not mistaken. But if you want to wait all night for 2 purchases, that’s on you.

FSgamer has it right with his 1st sentence, too. I’ve never unlocked for PS2, this is all DC, but I don’t see why it would be any different. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong.

Play through the arcade game a couple times? I don´t know. I remember something on the xbox version where only certain players became avaliable at certain times and you had to beat it more to have more choices.

May be different though.

It is a horrible way indeed but one can get 9999 points in less than an hour in that way.

I have the PS2 version, shop stuff is the same.

I’ve heard something like that too but I don’t know if it’s really true. In my case, I bought all the stages first, then bought all the characters available, whenever characters stopped showing up I’d buy some colors/artwork and more characters would become available. I did play arcade mode several times but I’m not sure if that affects the shop.

On a side note, considering that every character in MvC2 is tournament legal, I think it’s kind of dumb that over half of the cast isn’t available from the start (including several top & mid-top characters) but that’s just me.

Hmm, I could ask me friend about it, she’s got the xbox version.


set to 30 second rounds with highest damage. If you pick the right team (Glitched Juggs/Cable being one of them) you can kill the computer really fast and it won’t effect your points (except if you get alot of time overs, in which case you can just do highest damage/no time limit)

Noob question, I’m using Japan MvC2 and I’m only being given red points, no blue or green for completing arcade. How do I get the other point colours? It doesn’t seem to be related to the assist type I use.

I’ve never played the Japanese version but from what I know there is some type of points that can only be earned when playing online.

I have the US XBox version - there’s no limits here. It’s got the same rules as the DC version. I played it to get points, bought, left it on training mode mode until I came back, repeat for way too fucking long. :smile:

Correct =[ Time to go buy a nexus card sigh… Thanks.

Yeah man I am using the Japanese version too.

You can only get P-Points and even the early charcaters cost an insane amount of points(3,400 P-Points for Megaman)

I think you get V-Points by playing online,but I doubt many people are still playing this game online and those that are,are from Japan.

I still have the Dreamcast version,but my dad sold my Dreamcast(The bastard)

So now I have to go on a Manhunt for the American version.

If you go in and out of the shop, character prices get lowered :slight_smile:

I also run the game on the highest damage setting for arcade, which yields around twice the points normal does(more SC finishes I assume),

thats friggen awesome…