Trouble with Akuma BnB

I’m really struggling with Akuma’s ‘BnB’ combo, at least I think it’s his BnB combo? But anyway it’s the one with HP cancel into Light Tatsu then juggle with Heavy Shoryuken. I can start the combo off with crouching MP or crouching HP but I can’t do it with standing HP? It’s easier when I start crouching because it’s already part of the motion for my tatsu but when I do it standing the tatsu doesn’t come out. I read that the combo is a punish for when the opponent messes up but I can’t pull it off in a fight using crouching MP or crouching HP so maybe the extra range of the standing HP will help me pull it off in a fight.

You need to be close to opponent to be able to combo with heavy punch. When standing close, you need to immediately press down after connecting the close heavy punch followed by quarter-circle back + light kick. Buffer the input beforehand and you should get it.

Yeah thanks, I got it now :slight_smile: But using it in a fight is really difficult.

It’s only practical after a jump attack that hits close. Which means it’s mostly as a punish for like a bad fireball or something.

a easy way is push and hold HP and LK at the same time (only HP will come out) do the quarter circle back and release LK while keeping HP held down (look up negative edge to see why this works) do the forward, down, down forward and release HP for the SRK