Trouble with dashing on Japanese sticks

Hey just a quick question here. I’ve been playing on US sticks for most of my arcade career but recently I switched to Sanwa/Seimitsu just to see what all the hype is. I like the Seimitsu LS-32-01 and I can pull off most of the moves but I have trouble dashing. On US sticks I can do multiple dashes without a break in between, but on Japanese sticks I find that no matter how fast I input the dashes they don’t come out in sequence. I don’t know what’s wrong because I’m putting them in without just mashing forward. I guess that it takes more effort since the US sticks tend to return to neutral quicker. Do you have to do it fast or time it slowly? Like is it f,f,n,f,f,n… or just f,f, f,f f,f?

The happ stick activates later, meaning the neutral zone is larger. You can tap quickly w/o returning to the absolute middle of the neutral zone and still get dashes. When you dash with the jap sticks, try releasing the stick briefly between taps to let it fully return to neutral.

i have a hard time doing constant dashes to the left.I can only do like 2-3 in a row before I mess up. I’m using HRAP2.

Training mode + 1 sore hand = what helped me.
I’m playing yun for a month now and I don’t need to dash as much as with the shotos so when i play akuma every now and then i fuck up constantly.

well you dont wanna just mash as fast as you can on forward to get dashes. Just double tap forward. You either did it too slow or you did it so fast that the stick didn’t even return to neutral.

I had the same problem after practicing for like 6 months. It feels awkward dashing with just my thumb, since I hold it from the side, so it takes me a lot of effort to push the stick enough to activate the switch unless I change my finger position.

Become completely ambidexterous and become one with your stick.

When i mess up dashes it’s typicallly cuz i don’t let it return to neutral : /. Actually something to think of is that seimetsu stick normally has a fairly loose spring. You could tighten it with a stronger spring if you want it to return to neutral quicker, helps on some things like cr. MK kara throws and some other kara’s.

I have this same problem. My solution was to let the stick return completely to normal in between each forward or back.

just go and do, go to training mode, get sore hands, and practice practice practice until you can do what you want, when you want, always

fuck that, what you do is try it for a bit, then stop then when you try it again you magically can do it, thats how i learned yun, sjc gj

So I can do multiple dashes consistently. I pretty much just kept at it like everybody said. Too bad I still can’t do everything that I can do with an American stick yet. But that’s for another time and place, heh.

I had the same problem on my Sanwa, and I hated it because it felt so loose. It seemed that it was mushy, that the microswitch wouldn’t deactivate fast enough after letting it go.

Now when I dash on Jap sticks, I dont even really move my hand much, just my fingers. This is different from American sticks, where I “push” the stick it seems, with my whole hand.