Trouble with double QC on Stick


Hey, all. So I’m mid learning the art of the Stick, and I guess I’m doing okay with normal executions (DP, QCF, QCB, whatever) but the only thing I can’t seem to properly pull off are two QC’s in a row, in order to use certain Ultras. Either I use too wide a range of motion, and I end up jumping, or I use too little and the execution doesn’t go through. I always have to end up buffering my way through via jumping, and obviously that’s not all too good. Any advice would be appreciated.


This is a good start:


Well, I don’t know why I didn’t think to read that, because it helped. Sorry bout that.

While I’m at this; Where am I supposed to place my fingers, when it comes to the button layout of the Fightstick?


Try this one next: