Trouble with Dudley. Someone help



I play Ibuki, my roommate plays Dudley.
He’s beating me senseless and I don’t know what to do.

He has this wake up focus game I keep getting caught in where he either lets a full focus go and I eat it on wake up, or he dashes forward and sweeps me. I feel like my only options are backdash on wake up or block.
His j.HK is massive and slams me to the ground constantly, he uses it for air control and I have no idea how to counter it.
He does c.lp, c.lp, machine gun, repeat over and over again and I have no idea what to do to get out of it, I block the first two and sometimes can slip in a, xx kazegiri or U2, but it’s not working often.
He jumps in with with some attack and when he lands he either throws or starts a target combo, if I try block he throws me, if I try to tech I eat the combo and he can end the combo with the super.

I’m reading some match up threads on him but I’m not finding help with these specific things.


Thank you!


You won’t find solution for your problems in matchup threads, because it’s all about your fundamentals being worse than your roommate’s.

For these focus shenanigans try using your own options - backdash will blowup his lv3 focus, same as reversal dp. You can try wakeup grab, wakeup jump away, wakeup Raida.
The best counter for jumping normals is trying to antiair them - Ibuki has a handful of buttons for these purposes (b.MP, cr.HP, far HK, cl.HK), you can also try to simply focus his jumpin.
All MGB are - on block, so him pressing buttons after is not safe at all. Try using ex dp if you know he’s gonna do something, try backdashing, try using s.LP (up close Target Combo 4) which is her fastest normal.