Trouble with Geese during close range

Hey guys, I need some help using Geese when it comes to close range. Normally I prefer in mid range battles since I can throw projectiles, get my high counter/raging storm stance ready, or throw surprise lateral hits from his s.rh or jaieken. The problem is when my opponent gets close to me I don’t know what to do since most of Geese’s moves don’t have a good recovery time if you whiff it. My opponents often exploit this weakness and they play aggressive in jumping in and stay in close quarter battles.

What are some of Geese’s most reliable moves that you can abuse almost all the time? For instance, Blanka is superb when it comes to jumping in with a fierce/roundhouse, land with a c.middle kick and then finish it off with a roll. Or like Guile who is almost impenetrable when he whips out those heavily abusive middle kicks for trapping and pressuring opponents and then do a jackknife kick if they try to jump over.

I suppose you can try and do high counters and raging storm against jumpers. The problem is when they play very aggressive or have very fast jumpers who attack you like jumping monkeys bouncing from left to right, I tend to whiff those high counters more than land them. Raging storm is almost impossible to whip out when they get into that crazy monkey mode.

close s lk, cr lp, s lp, cr mk

AA: cr hp, or if you can’t do that in time, you might try to backdash cr hk or something…

If the guys is using anything other than lp and lk you could try to mash lp inbetween his attacks. You might trade hits, but that might give you a little space to work with or some time depending on what he does.

Tick throws geese has em great from his lp or and it doesn’t push them back far enough to dodge it.

Push em back c. lp, c. lp, c. hk xx reppuken. Then get ready for a high counter/raging storm.

Be wary of empty jumps though.