Trouble with Ken!

I havent posted before so firstly hello!

I just recently started using Dudley (used to use Urien & Yang) as a main and have read through the very helpful information posted discussing tactics, effectivness of moves and the damaging combos Dudley can do. Im still studying this and practicing the combos but the execution still needs some work for use in proper matches.

I was playing a freind this weekend that i can usually beast with pretty much any character, when he started using Ken and seems to have levelled up somewhat.

So does anyone have any tips VS a very safe, turling Ken?:arazz:

Loads of Max Range Crouching RH, max range crouching forwardXXHadokens, and dashing thows etc.

Thanks in advance, apologies for the long post.

P.S any general Dudley tips are also welcome.

i just started using dudley, but i would suggest to use jump-ins to get him in range to do damage. you just have to read how he reacts to ur jumps (use air parries, empty jump-ins, j. hp, and j.rh accordingly). besides that, try to bait his attacks. if he does alot of max range cr. rh, then get in that range and bait it out and parry it then punish. try to get close enough to where you can hit him with a st. rh, that way you can cancel it into his ducking dash and then use mixups from there.
also, i think dudley’s f. fp has more range than ken’s cr. forward. so i would use that as a counter poke, sparingly. i hope this helps, and i hope more knowledgeable people jump in to give u better pointers.

Cheers for the reply.

Ive not been using jump ins that much cos i got the general feel that i shouldnt be jumping that much with dudley? However i think youve hit the nail on the head with getting in close enough to use RH and the appropriate mixups cos thats probaly been my least used move against him in this match up cos im not close enough for it. ill heed your advice and go for it thanks.

He likes to throw a lot to stress me out then i start making mistakes. so once im close i should be able to to do a few throw mixups then SSBXXCork.

Is there any reliable Punishers for Dwn RH other than Super? also i read somewhere that you can punish Dwn Forward with Cork if the timing is spot on, however he always follows with Hadoken does anyone reckon Cork will just blow throw the Hadoken? Im finding it hard to test this is training mode.

P.S anyone got any links to vids with Dudleys owning Kens? Or are there any Dudley Tutorials flying around, kinda like the ‘Man of Gold’ one for oro?

here’s a video by humbag on dudley mixups and basics [media=youtube]5Mv0s8iXPj8[/media]

besides that vid i would just youtube fujiwara, kokujin, and victoly.
i’ll hit up training mode later and see what i can figure out to punish ken’s cr. rh and xx hadou (but i believe you can use dudley’s ducking dash to go through the hadou)

I dont know why but, dudley is the one character i have more fun beating up in this game

and apparently yun gives you the most trouble

Thanks for that Cynistar let me know what you come up with. I took to training mode yesterday and against Dwn ForwardXXHadou, I couldn?t find a lot.

Didn?t think to try ducking under the Hadou was trying to blow through it with Cork which is kinda 50/50 for hit or trade plus means gotta have the meter spare. Only other thing I was doing was to parry the Hadou, which is a bit dodgy as my parrying is wak.

Ill try out the ducking tonight, will be sweet if that ends up being reliable.

Anyone know what the most damaging option is to punish a blocked Shippu? With and without meter? Ken recovers so fast some of the more obvious damaging moves wont get him in time. At the moment I either just do FP DP or Just Cork.

Standing HK > whatever you want/can

Cheers SMRK, thats really good news damage and stun off anything from RH is pretty good.

I actually tried that the other day and got thown out of it, so i assumed its 2 slow. My tiiming mustve been off, ill set it up in training mode and get it down.

shippu is -10 iirc s.rh is 6 frames

yrc :slight_smile:

s.RH>>ex MGB, ducking upper>> corkscrew

if you dont have meter for that, you dont build meter well, because if he has a super, you should have 2, lol

save the corkscrew blow only use it with that combo if you’re desperate or he’s low health other wise save it for a wake up … crouching short short super or over head roundhouse super… or backswing … mix it up … more damaging.

s.RH -> mp.upper cut xx corkscrew

if you’re going to end the MGB combo with a super, it should be in the corner, and rose for mixup since they can’t quick recover…although you have to watch out when you’re fighting someone with good wake up moves (Shoto DPs), but you’ve just gotta time it right to stuff it…I think that’s what you do, that’s what I do at least…kinda helps

why cant u just do fierce upper?

our av’s need to settle a score :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the fierce upper does more dmg reduction to the corkscrew, in the end you do less dmg, but im not really sure, thats why with ken you usually do, fierce, strong upper, shippu.

Dont have a ps2 or dc to confirm, but I think thats why.

s. HK xx MP uppercut xx SA3
61 damage - 7 hits

s. HK xx HP uppercut xx SA3
57 damage - 8 hits

hmmm… koo