Trouble with Linking



I am having lots of trouble linking Sagat’s BnB c.lp xx TU BnB. I dunno why I can’t get the timing down. I am having trouble linking the first two kicks and also the kicks to the elbow. Any tips?


Learn plinking. Will very likely improve your links. Also, with c.:lk: > c.:lp: or c.:mp:, you can actually drum c.:lp: and c.:mp: after your c.:lk:. This will get two chances for the link for sure, but if timed right, it’s actually p-linking, and that will net you three chances for the link.


Nice frame data. Did it come from your ass?


lmao… > is actually a 2 frame link… where > cr.lp is a 4 frame link… so if u r having a hard time with the link then first get, cr.lp xx TS_TU down… then add the second…


There are many threads about this. Here are some helpful threads about it.

You should hit the 2nd right when he retreats his leg from the 1st You can also you the sounds as a way to help you connect. Right when you hear the 1st connect, thats when you hit the 2nd Using sound is a really helpful way to practice your blockstrings. Once you know how your block string is supposed to sound like, you can react and press once you hear the 1st one connect. If you are using stick, double tapping is very useful.

To hit the Tiger Uppercut part of the bnb:
What works for me is holding :df: when doing bnb combo. If the bnb is being blocked, during the bnb combo, slide back to :d:. Once it finishes, then slide your thumb :d::df::r: to do the tiger shot. If it hits, keep holding :df:and once it finishes, do to do the DP.

EmblemLord has another way to do that part in his thread:

I really have no tips for the c.lp part of the bnb. You have to somewhat delay the input. Only tip I have is if you do it too fast, Sagat will do nothing. You will know that you have to hit c.lp a little later. If its done too slow, he will do the c.lp, but it will be blocked, and you know you have to do it a tad faster.


Not to bring back a dead thread, but the best way to practice any links is either:

  1. With a friend during a life match.

  2. Player vs CPU - CPU set to hardest, 7 rounds.

  3. Training mode, ultra / super turned off, and just drill for hours if necessary.