Trouble with online game connections? A little help would be welcomed!



Just made my account on this forum, I’ve played a lot of ssf4 but this is my first time coming back to it after probably a year or so.

I have a major issue with my connection with online games;
I’m on PSN
I’'ve moved house and I went from a 20 meg internet speed with bt internet, to a 100 meg internet speed with virgin media…

It really doesn’t make sense to me…I look for games, I usually only go for 3 bars or above. Yet it still jitters every few seconds or so mid-fight.

Could anyone clarify why this is happening, or is it just bad luck??

Cheers in advance!


Yeah man, there are a few discussions about this going on right here in this forum. From what I’ve learned:

-SSF4 has bad netcode, matchmaking, and online modes to begin with, so a perfect connection is basically impossible- there will always be lag
-MBPS don’t matter compared to Latency. You and your opponent have to each have good connections with green bars for the best matches
-Wireless is crap compared to wired, so run an Ethernet cable directly into your PS3 from your internet source
-Apparently, Xbox has better online than PS3, but I wouldn’t know because i don’t have an Xbox.

There is probably more info out there, but that;s what I’ve recently seen posted.

I have a wireless connection with my PS3, and it’s usually not too bad. Granted, there are some garbage matches here and there, but for the most part it does ok. I am actually planning on moving my router closer to my console and running a cable in, just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

If you want, add me and see if our connections are decent or not, and if they are, we can battle.
PSN: DahcDerron


The online sucks on all 3 systems (PC,PS3,360). I have the game on all 3. This is like the only fighting game I play where I can’t for the love of shit do a reversal DP on someone when playing online and instead just eat a flurry of mashed out normals. SF4 online is a completely different game from it’s offline self (most fighters are). So,I wouldn’t really contemplate on it too much.


Haha, its calmed me down knowing that I’m not the only one experiencing this problem!!

I’ll try the Ethernet cable, see if it betters my connection

Cheers for the feed back guys, appreciate it!

also chadouken I’m a pretty casual gamer now, was just having a nostalgic run back on the game, also it’s currently 1:39am on the time of me replying just now, I’m live in the UK haha I’ll add you nonetheless though! Hopefully some time tomorrow ^^


Use Ethernet of course. Internet speed doesn’t matter much, 1 Mbps is more than enough for SF, anything more won’t make a single difference, it’s all about the latency (ping).

On your PC (also connected via Ethernet hopefully), go to, and check the connection on your local ISP server.

How much is the ping? If you’re getting high ping # even to your ISP, then you’ll be in a pretty bad situation for online gaming.

< 8ms is excellent
< 15ms is great
< 20ms is good
< 30ms is decent
< 40ms is OK, playable but you’ll start to really feel the online bullshit past this point

50 and above will start to hurt your SF experience pretty bad because the ping to anyone else will be even higher than this which is only the route to your own ISP. To give you an idea how this effects gameplay, every frame in SF = 16.6 ms , so 50ms latency results in gameplay 3 frames slower than normal offline gameplay, if that number is to your ISP alone, opponents will have even higher depending on the destination and internet route from your ISP to them.

USA is huge though so that’s why bad online gameplay is common there, usually the further the person you’re playing against, the more delay there will be in the response time and more lag, e.g East coast player vs West coast player. There are some exception that even close by opponents will lag hard because the route from your ISP to them is slow.

Edit: forgot to comment on the skipping/jittering part, if you’re on Windows, go to Start > All programs > Accessories > Command Prompt

Then type this command and press Enter:

ping -t

The proper response with a good internet connection would be:

1- Getting consistent replies without fluctuations in times (ping time in ms), time between replies should be only a few milliseconds apart, if it’s jumping up and down by hundreds of ms that’s Very bad.
2- You should get consistent replies without losing packets and getting the “Request timed out” message, those are Very bad for online gaming and if you see many of those it means your internet connection isn’t stable.

You can run this command for a while and then stop it by pressing CTRL + C to see the final stats (average response time, loss packets…etc)

ps: For both of those tests, make sure that you don’t have anything on whether on your PC or anyone connected to the the same network through your router, stuff such as streaming youtube or Torrents will mess these results up bad and they’ll have an equal effect on messing up your online gaming experience.


I can’t play this game, if my family uses also “my” internet, eg, my sister is watching youtube, my brother is playing on psn, and I’m playing online on pc, my game gets soooo laggy, it’s impossible to have an good fight.

Only if I use “my” connection exclusive, just me playing online, it’s really nice, smooth and stable, but as soon my sister starts watching youtube, lagggg :confused:

I only have 12 Mbps :frowning:

Maybe you have the same problem like me?


If your router has an option called QoS, you can set the priority to the IP address of your Consoles while lowering the priority of rest. It works pretty well with some routers but not so much with others, you can give it a shot. Look up through your router’s manual to see if it has this option and how to use it.


My router doesn’t even have that option :confused: but np I will change to another provider soon, where I can get 100 Mbps and an better router of course :slight_smile: