Trouble with Option Selects

I’m having trouble transmitting the concept of an option select into actual execution. I understand how they work and why, but for some reason my brain just can’t translate them.

For example, I want to learn Juri’s OS EX Senpusha against Rose. I understand the general idea behind it; you pressure with and the pinwheel comes out if she does something to try and escape on wake up.

However, my problem is I just don’t know what I’m supposed to do input wise to make this happen. Can someone maybe break it down kindergarten style for me?

Try doing c.LK and immediately inputting pinwheel. If you do it fast enough the pinwheel won’t come out (when you wiff the LK). If the c.LK is blocked or it hits, then the pinwheel would come out. I think a more common term for this is buffering.

Often, I open a round with a HK pinwheel buffered behind a c.MK against a lot of characters. Balrog is a good example… If he does nothing, I do a c.MK and I’m fairly safe (I say fairly because one Rog caught on and beat my c.MK with a normal). If Rog does a dash punch, the c.MK beats it and the buffered pinwheel combos off it.

Try recording you c.LK into pinwheel, making sure the pinwheel doesn’t come out. Then walk into the c.LK to make sure your timing is right. Its not very hard to time, just do it t really fast. The trick is to do the pinwheel input before the active frames of c.LK finish.

^What you explained was different from what @ZamboniChaos‌ wants.

The point of OS EX pinwheel is for an EX pinwheel to come out if the whiffs. The input is, qcb LK + MK (Ex pinwheel has to be done with LK in order for the OS to work). The trick to this OS is to slightly delay the EX pinwheel input. You aren’t canceling the into ex pinwheel, you are trying to do ex pinwheel IMMEDIATELY after the recovery of

The OS should look like:
On block:,
On whiff:, ex pinwheel

This is one of her harder option selects, so don’t get discouraged if you can’t get it right away :slight_smile:

I feel like a lot of players try to over think how a option select is supposed to work and confuse themselves :p. Just think of an option select as a series of buttons you need to press (like a combo). Most of them are actually really easy.

If you are COMPLETELY new to option selects, a much easier option select than this is option selecting a backdash with sweep.
The button input for this,

On Block:,
On whiff:,

If on whiff you get,… it means you are doing it too fast. If on block you get,… it means you are doing it too slow

I agree, the, EX Pinwheel is a tough OS to learn. Especially if you’re new to applying option selects.

The only advise I have on learning OS’s, is don’t just learn the command for the OS, but learn to integrate the command into your existing combos, jump-ins, and blockstrings. This way they become part of your muscle memory and you will naturally continue your combo/pressure if the OS is not triggered. You should not be wasting any mental energy worrying if the OS will trigger or not.

Taking the sweep OS as an Example: (, +

One of Juri’s Bnb:,, xx mk Pinwheel

When combined the input becomes:, +, xx mk Pinwheel

If they Back-dashed on wake up, the sweep comes out. If they get hit by the they get combo’d. If they block, you have plenty of time to change the end to a blockstring.

Thanks for all the advice everyone! I think I definitely have a better understand of option selects after reading through these responses. I’ll start practicing more basic ones like the sweep OS. The main problem I was having was how to execute option selects that include special moves. It sounds like those aren’t as easy as I thought they were.

Special move OS is a lot easier when done from a jump in. Grounded Special move OS require tricky timing.

Oh, sorry for the misunderstanding. This is a new type of option select for me. Are you trying to time the pinwheel so that if you whiff it happens right after c.LK recovers, but if you hit, the non-cancelable recovery frames of c.LK eat the input?

Is it possible to take the first c.LK and chain another, if the OS is blocked, to create a block string?

Sweet deal… I haven’t had anything new to work on in the lab for a while and armor canceling is getting on my nerves.

One more question… What do you guys think about using a slower normal (I’m about to go see if I can find an example) the same way to OS against delayed wakeup?

edit: Hell it seems really easy to do without any fancy timing with 2 c.LKs. SRK has it listed as 4/4/5. You’d have to hit meaty, but wouldn’t 2 of the active frames of the first, 5 recovery frames, and 4 startup frames of the second make the active frames of the second c.LK hit meaty if they delayed? You could even use the new c.MK if you adjusted the timing (that would be 1 frame though). I can’t wait till Ultra drops, so I can try buffering in specials to make this useful.

Yeah that’s the idea behind it. The reason to do this is against some characters (like rose) where the option select sweep will not catch them.

Also note that you don’t need/nor should option select against delayed wakeup in ultra, as you can react to the technical message before you finish your setup.