Trouble with Paewang Mayflash PCB and TE Stick

So, I have this Paewang Mayflash and I wanted to use it with this X360 TE Stick, so I wired all buttons & stick directly to the PCB, which BTW had pretty different button mappings that the 1st one I got some time ago, got me confused a lot for hours :frowning: (Is there any different model for it? Every single button + stick directions were different).

The problem I’m getting is that I randomly get my attacks with Turbo, sometimes it gets triggered when I press any direction + button, or sometimes just by pressing any button, and I can’t deactivate the Turbo function by pressing Turbo at all.

Look at this pic. What I did for mapping Turbo, Guide/Home and GND was using the same coords that little pcb had under itself and solder them to the Paewang PCB.

Any thoughts? It’s the only problem I’m getting with it.

Please help!

You don’t even need the x360 pcb if you have a paewang.

Also what pcb are you wiring it to directly? (are you soldering straight to the main board or to the daughter board?)

Are you getting this problem if you’re using the original xbox TE board?

if you’re using the daughter board independently of the main board, you’d have to take the vcc wire in your usb line and solder another wire to the vcc point of the paewang and solder it to that usbVCC point on the turbo board

Oh yes! Since it’s the 1st time I try to mod a TE stick I was using the daughter board AND the Joytron Paewang Revolution PCB.

1.- This is what I’ve done, the VCC method is this?

2.- Is there a method for just using the Paewang PCB and scrap the TE Daughter board? Maybe that would be easier to do that the method I tried?

Thanks in advance!

I have a Joytron In my shit all by itself and I love it. I had something similare happen to me with the turbo but the way I fix it is when you plug in the stick to a Console/PC don’t hold down the Turbo button to long just enough so the platform recognizes it. I have my Joytron directly to my stick and buttons.

I see. Sometimes turbo gets triggered, sometimes not. It’s weird, I wish there’s another method using those buttons directly instead going through the daughter PCB.

You could solder directly to the connection points underneath the turbo and Guide buttons instead of the solder points.

follow this guide that was used to wire the PS360 the TE (the points should be similar) if you want alternate solder points**-akihabarashop-jp-now-open-**-108982/index373.html#post10079355