Trouble with plinking

So I decided to give plinking a try to help with some links, however, I can’t seem to do it correctly. When I try to plink a 1 frame cr.lp > link, I always end up getting cr.lp > cr.lp even though my logs say I input then cr.lp + Anyone have any suggestions for learning plinking?

You still have to time your inputs correctly. Plinking only ensures that something comes out.

This. If the timing for the is incorrect for either of the two frames, then you’ll get a c.lp. At least, that’s how I understand it.

If you know how to Kara throw, you know how to p-link. It’s the same timing. I’d practice kara throwing to verify your timing.

Hi There!

I used to have the same problem as a noob trying to main Ryu but Starcade replied with a link to a thread that helped me immensely - though I struggle to remember the name of it now. For the above link I believe the cr.lp is still coming out because you are pressing your input too soon. By pressing it too soon the chain attack - i.e. the lp - takes priority over the mp. If you’re using Ryu try doing, cr.lp > If you get a and 2 cr.lp’s EVEN though your input display reads the correct plink input it means you chained the attacks together by pressing it too soon. Like someone else said there is still a degree of timing involved but I personally can vouch for sticking with it as I can now do all Ryu’s bnb’s when 2 weeks ago I couldn’t link cr.lp > at all!


I can preform Ken’s kara fine. Perhaps I am inputting the presses too quickly.