Trouble with special cancel

I’m having trouble doing alot of Abel’s b&b’s because I can’t special cancel consistently. I went into training mode to see what was up and I noticed that the times which failed to special cancel, it said that I had completely missed out downforwards, so I had went straight from down to forwards, and completely skipped out downforwards.

When I special cancel I do the quater circle motion much slower and hammer punch, because then it picks up the down+MP and sometimes cancels it into change direction.

However because i’m doing the entire movement much slower than usual the octagate seems to cause trouble, whereas it doesn’t when I do a fast fluid motion for when i’m using specials on their own.

I’m in desperate need of help, i’ve been trying to do this for 2 days straight now and I really want to make Abel my main, but most of Abel’s b&b’s involve special cancelling which I can’t do consistently with the octagate.


EDIT:If I do the motion at my regular speed it usually skips the down+MP and goes straight into direction change.

This does not require yet another new topic. Especially after you just asked the same thing in your other thread yesterday. Ask in the Abel FAQ. Thread.

I asked two seperate questions in the thread I created yesterday, and pretty much everyone ignored the question regarding special cancels therefore I asked again.

I asked two seperate questions in the thread I created yesterday, and pretty much everyone ignored the question regarding special cancels therefore I asked again.

Just keep working on it. Ride the gate with your motions or something. We’re not wizards, what we tell you won’t do any magic tricks. You have to work on this on your own.

I don’t mind helping, but try to keep the number of topics limited.

It sounds like you’re just trying to do a xx CoD. There’s no magic way for me to say, “Hey. Do this.” But, assuming number pad annotation, start at 2 and hold 2. Once your MP connects, riding the gate to 236 isn’t hard at all. Just keep 6 held as you throw out the rest of CoD.

Thanks for the help, but when I move from down to right the movement isn’t anywhere near as smooth as when I start from the middle and then do the motion. It’s like my joystick get’s caught on one of the jagged edges.

I essentially want to know if there’s anyway for smoother movement.

I’m assuming you’re on a square gate. You’re just going to have to get used to flicking your wrist for that QCF motion. Remember that most people don’t grip their stick tightly; they strive for a more fluid motion.

I personally grasp my middle, index, and ring finger around the side of the sphere, and let my pinky linger under it (as one would hold a wine glass, in a way). This lets me have a loose, but controlling grip.

Doing a QCF isn’t just an Abel thing. Most of the cast has a QCF and/or QCB move.

you’re probably doing the motion + button press to slow.

When you link moves into specials the best thing to practice is just doing the motion inside of the normal you want to cancel out of.

In your case, the split second you hit that move :qcf: and hit punch. If you are having a hard time, start off with the light punch version. It’s the easiest and will teach you how to special move cancel properly. From there just work your way up to the fierce punch version because abel can cancel into any version of cod.

I think its important to know what gate you have first of all. you say its an octogate (which would be like a stop sign) but you make it sounds like you have issues clipping on the bottom/forward area leading us to believe its a square gate. What kind of stick is it?

If its a square gate move the stick slightly down but don’t run it into the gates. half way there you should hear a little click and feel some resistance, this is called the dead zone. once past the dead zone the stick starts telling the game that movements are happening, even if you aren’t grinding against the gates. A trick that most people learn whether they realize it or not, is that with square gates you end up being more gentle and sort of do the motions past the dead zone without using the gates as a crutch. Try just understanding how your hand movements translate to the game and don’t push against the gates so damn hard.

Err no, im pretty confident that abel cant combo into fierce cod from

edit: fixed lol

He can, it just won’t combo :smiley:

My bad, strong cod. I’ve been working on my plinking step kick -> fp, fierce cod. Thats why I gave misleading info, thanks for catching it.

use negative edge, do the fireball motion & press medium punch at the down point & release at the forward point, it’s just like doing a special on it’s own but your pressing medium punch earlier