Trouble with SRK

I know seeing how old SF4 is, this might come up as embarassing but I have some particular trouble with something in the game. When I’m on the left side of the screen, a shoryuken motion is very easy to do by simply doing the Z input, but when I’m on the right side of the screen I have some severe trouble doing the reverse Z motion.

Is there any solution to my problem? I forgot to mention I play on the default controller.


Are you using an Xbox 360 controller with the analog stick? If so, I had the same problem until I switched to a stick. If I remember correctly, due to the placement of the analog stick doing anything on the P2 side was horrible and I had to really concentrate on not messing the motion up, having to use LB/LT made it even worse.

The only thing I could think of is going into the training room and checking your inputs. Start off by doing them slowly and make sure it’s giving you the correct motion and that you’re not hitting any other directions. Gradually increase the speed of your motion until you get missed inputs and then slow it down again and see where you went wrong.