Trouble with Stick Execution

I recently picked up the Hori Fighting Stick mini for PS4, and I’ve almost successfully transitioned from pad, but I’m having trouble pulling off Ryu’s forward h.p > crouching h.p> shoryuken > critical art. On pad, I would accomplish this using the dragon punch shortcut for the low heavy into shoryuken, and I would basically mash out the critical art as fast as I could with no problems. But I haven’t been able to successfully connect the critical art after using the dragon punch shortcut on stick. I’ve only pulled it off once on stick, and that was with no shortcuts at all. I actually had to press down, then do a full shoryuken motion from the beginning, into the critical art. I have no problem connecting the shoryuken into the critical art by itself. But getting the low punch in there first on stick has proven to be almost impossible for me so far. Any tips? When I found out about the dragon punch shortcut, it made everything so much easier for me on pad. I’m hoping there is some other tid bit of information out there that will help me as much as that did.

Woops, forgot to mention I’m talking about SFV

something about pads make that cancle into critical art brain dead easy. On a stick you have to be a bit more precise with the input, practice the inputs slowly without playing the game and work your way up to full speed once you have the muscle memory down.

I see. I’ll keep at it.

For anyone with the same difficulty. What I realized is that I can simply double tap punch during the dragon punch motion to get that low punch in there first. So long as I make sure to press all the way forward after the shoryuken motion, the critical art connects.

I’ve made the transition some months ago and one thing that I’ve noticed, which I’m still struggling sometimes, is to much tension in your left hand grip. Try to force yourself to perform stick motions slowly without applying to much pressure on the stick and don’t ride the gate. That way, your motions will become more efficient since you will have to span a lesser distance. Maybe start with dashing forward from side to side without a noticeable gap in between your dashes, then expand to your characters specials.

@TheLordofPie I’m a new to street fighter but I just completed all 10 Ryu trials today.

I found that the following works for cancelling DP into CA:

:f: :hp: :df: :hp: :d: :df: :f: :hp: (this is the shoryuken) :d: :df: :f: :hp: (this is CA)

You basically do 2 :qcf: after cr.HP