Trouble with teleport after launch

I’m having difficulty doing c.lp,, c.hp, punch teleport, air throw into doom rocks.

I’m using the green stick for DC & am having some problems getting my hand to do the motion. More specifically going from launcher to teleport. I end up doing wall climb about 75% of the time. In all other situations I have no problem teleporting. Just seems to be when coming from the down direction.

Any advice would be helpful, sorry if this seems dumb question. :sweat:

after the c.fp, qcbx2 for your teleport instead of backwards dp. Marvel is forced to recognize qcbx2 as a shoryuken input.

if you want to do the shoryuken input, c.fp, go to neutral, then teleport input.

Thanks for the help, it does seem easier to do it that way.

Ive have been having a similar problem with teleporting after an attack, is the wall climb a buffer from the attack. would a neutral joystick + a 2xqc improve success of dp moves?