Troubles with...linking?


Not a professional player, but after watching videos of EVO and seeing how much hype was around KoFXIII, my friend and I decided to buy it for PS3.

I am terrible at both SF4 and KoFXIII, due to what I believe is a trouble with linking. Those combos in Mission Trial Mode? Yeah, can barely do the first for any character. I also cannot do lots lots those crouching moves into other moves in SF4 either.

Any advice? I know it’s about timing, but I can’t seem to master it.


Well, aside from practice, STAY AWAY FROM TRIAL MODE, especially as a new player… They will disgust you of the game.

Instead, search on youtube some simple and practical combos for your characters.


Fortunately, for most characters in KOF XIII comboing out of a crouching attack is easier than it is SF4. That’s because many characters crouching attacks chain into a command normal that’ll give you enough time to easily cancel into a special attack, as opposed to SF4 where normals must be linked into, not canceled into, in order to cancel into a special move.

At first, it’ll seem daunting. When I first began playing in January, I could only really combo out of jump-ins. I thought to myself “these light attacks are so quick, I can’t react in time to cancel out of them in a match!” But eventually you just learn to get the hang of it.


As a beginner you should try characters with long hitconfirms like Robert, Kula, Mature, etc… Anyone with at least 2-3 hits for a confirm.

For Robert, try practicing jump-in D, cl.C, f+B, f+A, qcf+A.
For Kula, jump-in C, cl.C (once), f+A, qcb+B, f+D, dp+C
For Mature, try her low link, cr.B, cr.B, st.B, qcb+A x3

Practice makes perfect. KOF is more forgiving than SF in that there are fewer 1 frame links, but the execution of combos tends to be more complex. Try practicing these simple combos to get an idea of timing normals into command normals into specials. When you’re pressing buttons, don’t press them as fast as you can. KOF does not use dial-a-combos, you must time your hits appropriately.


I’m looking for basic combos, but all I see is long 10+ hit combos. Anyone know of someone who shows basic combos?


A combo, in its most extended (yet still basic) form, is normal > command normal > special.
A normal will cancel into a command normal, and most command normals (when cancelled into from a normal) will cancel into a special.
To get the hang of combos, I’d recommend Terry. Here are some combos to try with him.
cl.C > d/f+C xx qcb+A
cl.C hits twice, so it’s also really easy to hit-confirm.
cr.B, cr.A > cr.C xx qcb+A
It’s really easy to link cr.B into cr.A, and cr.A > cr.C is actually a target combo, so you can do that really easily, also making this a very good hit-confirm.
If you want to find combos for other characters, then definitely check out the SRK wiki, as you’ll find most characters’ basic combos there. If not, just ask around! I’m sure other, more seasoned KOF players (not like me :D) will be more than willing to help you.


as with what Sengeki said, the wiki as a lot of strong, and interesting, information on allllll sorts of topics.