Troubles with the Real Arcade Pro 2

I’ve been told time and time again that this is the best stick to have, but I’m having immense trouble now that I’ve received it.

My old hori stick (the doa4 360 one) gives me no issues when I try and throw out a fireball or a DP, but now I find it nearly impossible to do even the most basic motions with this Real Arcade. My question being:

Is it normal for people to have some adjustment issues at first or…?

new stick = adjustment time of some sort

Yes it is normal to have adjustment time, even if your old stick was similar. To me the Hori-made sticks are a little mushier and not as loose. Once you get used to the Sanwa in there I’m sure you will find it is much better overall.

Those have to be the fastest Tech Talk replies I’ve ever had. Thanks a lot! +rep for you both.

i bought a hrap2sa and im having the same problem, man i have practiced like crazy offline ST on my ps2 but nothing, i can’t so Shoryukens when im on the left side (doing the motion to the right side) seriously… i sometimes get the srks randomly, they need to be so damn precise. im get pissed sometimes.

but oh well… im going to buy a TK5 stick and a SFAC stick next month, hope they’re better.

The Tekken 5 stick is an imitation JLF which is what all HRAPs come standard with, omitting SE editions. The SFAC stick has a huge throw and the stock stick leaves alot to be desired. But if you’re comfortable with that then by all means.

Random Note: I find ST to be a very unforgiving game for learning inputs on, but if you can execute well in ST you can probably execute well anywhere.

I also bought an HRAP2: SA, and I`ve had it for about 5 months now.

I still have trouble doing moves and combos on command mainly because the gate is square and not octagonal.

I`ve been playing on HAPP sticks for as long as I can remember, and to suddenly feel corners is very awkward.

I`ve come to hate square-gates (for now).

Sometimes I get so frustrated that I regret buying the stick, but deep down, Im glad I did, and Ill never sell it no matter how angry I get.

I’ve only recently gotten myself the Hori AP:SA and it’s definately required a lot of adjusting. But then come the times when some motions just flow perfectly and precisely that it’s zen.

Only thing I’m looking for is the fantastic adapter for my PS3 for when SF4 and HD remix come out. Any leads?

Check the converter thread.

Yeah, you’ll adjust to it overtime. I’ve been using an HRAP2:SA for about a month now having never used a stick before, and I can say that it was pretty awkward at first with the square gate, but now I’m really use to it; it’s a godsend for those charge supers.

I’m confirming that this is a fact.


Actually all HRAP’s come with a JLF (with the exception of the SE). The Tekken 5 stick is not an HRAP (in the sense that it does not have the term “HORI Real Arcade Pro” attached to it) and comes with the same HORI stick found in all other non HRAP’s (Fighting Stick 2/3 and game specific iterations). The two “Special” one’s (Addition and Edition) have Sanwa and Seimitsu buttons, respectively. Otherwise, they have HORI buttons.

As for my experience with the SA and Japanese sticks in general, see signature…

My post totally made sense in my head but yes that is terrible wording on my part. What I meant to say is exactly what vpt_whatup said.

thanks for the answers, i played ggxxac on my ps2 and surprisingly, Srk’s with Sol Bad Guy were not a problem, ofcourse i had to mark the srk in a different way (R,L,DL,D,DR,R) yeah i mark it like if it were a super but works…
ST is more precise than what i thought =/, maybe with an octagonal gate i’ll be able to do srk’s. (doing the motion to the right side)

I started out with a HRAP with stock parts. I quickly got tired of the stock buttons and ordered some Sanwa RG’s and a GT-Y octagonal restrictor. Funny how they say the GT-Y restrictor is a must for 3D fighting games, when I find it immensely more useful for 2D fighting games.
From my point of view GT-Y is a VERY good investment, I can play T.Hawk fluidly now and always end my 360 on that important d/b which I couldn’t with the stock restrictor.
Then I got my HRAP2 and I already ordered the mandatory parts before it was delivered, 6 x Sanwa OBSF, 2 Black button plugs and most importantly a GT-Y.