Troubleshooting Dropped Inputs on Modded SE Stick

I’ve got a MadCatz SE that’s I’ve modded with Sanwa parts. It’s been working fine for quite some time now, but recently it seems to be randomly dropping inputs on a few buttons. I’ve checked out the internals and everything seems to be secure.

Where do you guys suggest I focus my troubleshooting beyond the basics of “is it plugged in?”

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Do you have a spare button (or test button)? If so, try plugging that in and making sure it works. If it doesn’t, there might be something wrong with your PCB or wiring (outside of the wiring you’ve checked). If it does, your other button might be dead, or the plunger might somehow not be hitting the switch.

Is it on LS, DP, or RS? Put it on DP if not. . .

It is only a problem with the buttons, not the stick. I didn’t have a chance to disassemble last night. I’m going to take the buttons apart and see is maybe the plungers aren’t hitting the switches properly once I get some time.