Troubleshooting Dual-modded Stick

I was really hoping to avoid making a whole new thread to answer this one question, but it’s been roughly 3 weeks to get an answer to this question that’s preventing me from wanting to buy Darkstalkers Resurrection.

So, I have a dual-modded TE round 1 fightstick. Modded by Phreak and EVO 2011. Only very recently did it stop working completely on PS3. It works perfectly on the 360, as it always does. But, for whatever reason, it just doesn’t work on my PS3. And it was mentioned to me in the Noobie thread that I could use my PC to troubleshoot my stick in ‘PS3 mode’ but was never detailed how and I can’t find that information anywhere else on the internet. My stick does appear on my PC as ‘Dual Strike v3.2.0’ so it’s being picked up by my computer. And I have used it to play CvS2 emulated on my PC before.

I hate that I had to make a whole thread to answer this question, but I’m just tired of waiting for an answer that I need. So, if anyone can help me out, or at least point me in the right direction for getting this sorted, I’d greatly appreciate it.

In your PC open up your Control Panel and find the Printer and Devices icon and click on it.
Find your Stick, in your case its “Dual Strike v3.2.0” and right clock and choose properties

you now have the test applet for Game controllers, select your controller

Awesome. Four of the seven still-working buttons actually work on my PC (One’s broken, but it’s not an important one anyway.) So, now the question becomes; What do I have to do in order to fix the other three?

If it matters at all, Y, RB, LB and RT work. X, A, B do not. And LT is busted.

EDIT: Nvm, I figured out the problem. I current have my boards fasted with duct tape, because I can’t get my hands on any more plastic tabs to hold them together. And one corner of the boards weren’t touching, and robbed me of those buttons. So I just pushed them together and Hey Presto! They work again.

Thats your problem

I’m painfully aware of that fact. But, I have been completely out of luck finding the white corner tabs that keep the boards together.