Troubleshooting for my stick

Before I get into this I want to make sure that this is where I could post pictures of what I’ve done and ask help at where I might have gone wrong. If this isn’t the correct spot could I be directed to where I should be?

this is a hot spot for that. post away.

Well I can’t find my camera cord so perhaps my problem is in the planning. What it comes down to is that I’m swapping out the joystick of a madcatz tournament edition stick with a happ competition joystick. I’ve soldered the wires to the switches but only the right direction works. Similarly with the buttons everything works except the bumpers. (happ buttons as well)

Is there something that isn’t compatible here or will I need to work on getting another camera cord?

How do you plan on properly housing a Happ stick and buttons in a TE?

Also if you want any chance of solving this pictures will be required.

What all did you solder to the directions? And how’d you fit that stick in a TE? O_o;;

Even if you wire it correctly there is no way you’re fitting Happ parts inside a TE.

3-5 business days and counting.

I’m still curious on how this is going to work. Can’t wait for these pictures.

This is the correct post

I can take different angles if need be but these are the connections from the old stick onto the happ parts mounted onto my old ps2 stick shell.

I think people thought I crammed happ parts into the default shell. sorry. when I get all the buttons working i’ll simply be mounting the innards of the stick to the old bottom and screwing it together from the old screws. It fits quite perfectly with the section I took off of the xbox piece.

Pictures by wombatkombat - Photobucket

This is a link to the album w/ all my pictures. I’m bad at forums to make just thumbnails show up so it was giving me massive pictures on here. Let me know if you need different angles.